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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by erithacus, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    Hello, My name is Antonio and i am an owner of two beautiful african greys a male and a female..I got them last year (at the age of 12 weeks old) and i am looking forward to get sexually matured so i can breed them and why not keep their babies and start an african grey family :)

    I am keen on breeding birds and i believe this is the greatest achievement of an owner...

    for many decades ( im at my early 30s) i owned a male african grey,loved him and cared for him a lot but unfortunately he passed away...Two years later i got these two babies ( i swore myself ill never have a single bird again...there always must be a feathered companion for each one of them)...

    My experience to african greys doesnt mean though that i am comfortable in de-coding them when they are a pair...And surely untill they mate i think ill need as many pieces of information i can get :)

    Yhank you all guys in advance for your kindness and understanding :) rsz_babies4.jpg
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  2. Scarlett

    Scarlett Guest

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Your birds look like they are very close to each other. I`m afraid I don`t know anything about breeding birds but there are lots of people on here with experience in keeping Greys who I`m sure will be along soon
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  3. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi :welcome: Antonio

    Your greys are beautiful. 

    As Scarlett said we have many members on here who  keep and also breed greys and I am sure they will along with some advice at some stage.
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  4. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    Thank you Scarlett,

    I hope i can find people who keep their greys partnered...I got my female birdie (love at first sight) first and ten days later i got her a very very handsome male so they can mate in the future...they both are hand raised and both got them chicks...We now both are during our first molt :)

    They are very close to each other but they both are close to me and the rest of the family members...

    They are adorable....cant stop petting them and teasing them and playing with them ( to be honest the male is into playing and doing silly things and getting physical alot...but that female i feel she is like a delicate flower, she needs to be treated softly and tenderely...) am loosing it and feeling like they are human babies :)
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  5. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum erithacus do hope you enjoy your stay with us from Shirley x Scooby Doo x Radar Tom ☺
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  6. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    haahahaha best greetings to you all then, feathered and nonfeathered :)
  7. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

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  8. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

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  9. Lou

    Lou Regular Member

    the male is nearer your sock?
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  10. Lou

    Lou Regular Member

    welcome to the forum! your babies are stunning, congratulations, I too know nothing about breeding so will be of no help there but as the others said we do have breeders on this site who will be able to assist :) there is loads of info on the forum though so have a good nosey around :)
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  11. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    thank you Lou,

    I think there are lots and lots of things to read here... Any help will be greatfully accepted and i can also help others dealing with these adorable creatures..

    ( P.S : u got it right Lou ) :)
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  12. Lou

    Lou Regular Member

    thought so the males usually have darker feathers :) what are their names? you are going to love it here :)
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  13. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    it is Vladimir and Loukia
  14. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Just love the videos erithacus they made me chuckle when one flew to you hanging upside down lol .☺
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  15. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    that one is always the male...He loves interacting and turning upside down and spreading his wings and tail all the time...The main reason i cant get videos recorded is that little devil...he never let me film them when they are out of the cage
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  16. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    I think they are adorable erithacus they really are. Are they good with the family or just you ? as Scooby some times bites me but never Tom don't know why as i do everything for Scooby. ☺
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  17. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    ohhhh, I know, you love him you clean his cage you cook for him but still there are times that he still tries to bite you..Similar situation with the previous CAG i used to own...He wouldnt hurt me or my father (my pappa owned him before i was born, but when i "met" him we both liked each other since i was very little) but he would bite all the rest my mother and my two brothers..Mainly when the hormones kicked in and until he reached the age of 15 (maybe less maybe a bit more)...But yet, i am not so sure if he ever stopped being aggresive to all, maybe we all got used to it and felt that this behavior was reducing...

    With these two birdies, the story is a bit different..They still are babies (both are 16 months)  old and sexually immature so they have no need to protect anyone or create a strong bonding with any of us like that one discribed above...

    I want to believe that when the hormones kick in, they will set aside all of us and they will start mating ( i really hope so), so there will still be no biting :)
  18. Tracey

    Tracey What's one more? Regular Member

  19. erithacus

    erithacus Regular Member

    thank u tracey :)
  20. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hello and welcome from me and my loonies :)

    Well the breeding part is going to be interesting for you to say the least....

    Hopefully you got unrelated babies and properly DNA sexed and disease tested (very important when breeding), as they are hand rears rather than hand finished rears by the looks of it, it doesn't mean they will breed. It has been known for them to settle, pair bond and breed but its rarer than most people think. Usually they pair bond and then haven't got a chuffing clue about the next stages! You end up with them trying to mount and mate with toys, their keepers, perches etc thereby laying clear eggs or you can end up with them laying fertile eggs but not bothering with proper incubation one or the other not doing incubation properly temperature wise / length of sitting etc. Or you end up with a brood you have to do the hand rearing from day one yourself. Add to that they being hand rears (hopefully not too young to make them human imprinted) and house birds the age to breed fluctuates massively due to them being with in the household environment.

    Good job you have a couple of years to wait to find out all of the above until they decide to get to such a level so you can get up to speed on all levels  :thumbsup:  your going to be reading into the wee small hours for a lot of nights  :animated-parrot-image-0025:
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