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nikol witch

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Hi to all, i am Nikol and i am from Hellas.

I love parrots, they are my favourite birds.

Mostly i love medium and bigger sized parrots, but i do not say no to the small ones as well.

At the moment i have 2 senegal , they are females. Merlin is 1,5 years old, and Ira is almost 7 months old.

This month, August i received a beautiful male Black Headed Caique also. His name is Seth.he is around 4,5 to 5 months old. All my parrots are from local breeders.

In the past i used to keep together with a friend spieces such as cockatiels, budgies(Australian & English), lovebirds, parrotlets, and an eastern rosella.

In the future i plan to add a cockatoo or an african grey or a yellow crowned amazon to my flock.

I read a lot about them, i am not in a hurry about which one to choose.

I have friends who keep these parrot kinds so, i know generally how they look like as characters.

Nice to meet you all. Have great parrot discussions.

nikol witch

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Thanks a lot, i uploaded a photo album, but i will post photos in a new thread as well.

Your flock is THE FLOCK!!!!!

6 African Greys?WOW!!!!

nikol witch

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Yes i noticed that, but i was with wide open eyes about the spiece, the greys i mean. Not the number.

African greys are lovely...and generally african parrots.


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Hi Nikol :welcome:   from me and my flock too.

We shall enjoy hearing all about your parrots and seeing photos too.


The Dave Slave!
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Hi Nikol and welcome to The Parrot Club

Looking forward to hearing all about your flock :)

Are you in Greece?


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Hey Nikol and :welcome:  from me and my flock, your pick under your name is uber sweet! look forward to hearing more about them and seeing more piccies. :)

nikol witch

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Ann i derive from Karditsa city of Greece,but i was born raised and live in Athens.you???
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Cheeky Monkey
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We live in Epsom, Surrey about 15 miles from London. We have had many memorable holidays in Greece, (before the kids arrived) mainly on the islands and have always been amazed at the friendliness of everyone :)


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Hi Nikol and welcome :flowers:

Love your parrots, real cute, just love senegals, tiny little eagles (or so they think).  I love African parrots too, oh, and budgies :thumbsup:

Look forward to hearing loads about your birdies adventures.

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