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Hi all,

just signing in to say hi because we've joined the world of birds kind of accidentally - not through owning birds ourselves (though I have owned chickens for a few years!), but because as a new Animal Courier business, we've found to our surprise that rather than dogs or cats, we get far more inquiries from people who want birds transported! Go figure. I guess it's a measure of how seriously people take the safety and comfort of their birds.

I thought it would be good to dip in to various forums and find out more about these feathered clients of ours, so here we are.

My name is Sue, my fiance is called Rob (he's the organiser, I'm the driver... if I tried to organise things, we'd go under in about a week) - we live in Hexham in Northumberland, and are currently owned by one German Shepherd, one retired racing greyhound, and five assorted cats. I am looking at getting some chickens again, but that has to wait a month or so while I sort out a better pen - next door's terrier leapt the 5-foot netting I used to have round the poor chooks, and killed all three of them in about ten seconds. So a terrier-proof enclosure is called for!

It's nice to be here, and I look forward to being educated in the world of parrots!


(The username stands for "Paws On The Road", by the way)


The Mother Hobbit
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Hi and welcome, I'm sure you will learn lots and we will learn lots too as I know at times we've had questions about transporting birds and the safety etc. so you will be able to educate us :)



Bird Whisperer
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Hi and  :welcome: Sue

Do you have a website/contact details? no probs putting up link if you have  :thumbsup:

Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome to us made parrot lovers If you have any question to help you gain knowledge of what us nutters would expect if we had to use a courier please ask as the safety and stress free move is very important.


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Hi Sue and :welcome:   to the forum.

As Bob has said, if you have a website address it will be handy for us to browse through what you have to offer.
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