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Harrison Pellets?

Discussion in 'Food And Diet' started by Luna, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Luna

    Luna Registered

    Hi all.
    I took my Quaker Luna for first health check at the vet. She recommended Harrison pellets as the best food ( apart from fresh fruit/veg) . Does anyone else recommend? Also which one is best? Do I get high potency fine until Luna is 6 months old and then go on to the adult one?

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  2. Danyal Bazmi

    Danyal Bazmi Regular Member Registered

    Harrison is very good but can get a bit expensive. You good stick to the high potency till about a year old. I use roudybush pellets for my grey. I would also recommend roudybush, they are organic but less expensive and will last longer.

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  3. Danyal Bazmi

    Danyal Bazmi Regular Member Registered


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  4. Luna

    Luna Registered

    Thanks for the advice.

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  5. Luna

    Luna Registered

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  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Changing a birds diet should be done slowly and i recommend keeping a eye on weight while changing
  7. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    This link
    Explains the different types of Harrison’s

    I use Harrison’s and TOPS which are organic.....
    Roundybush are not organic.

    Pellets are a matter of choice, and some better than others. Don’t use any of the ones which contain colourants and I also avoid artificial ingredients like menadione.

    Vets recommend pellets not because they are “better” but because they believe owners can’t put the required effort in to feed a balanced diet. Always offer fresh vegetables and fruit, whether you feed a pellet diet or a seed/vitamin supplement diet.
  8. Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    Wendy Cooper-Wolfe Regular Member Registered

    Although not a quaker but a Senegal, I use both Harrisons and Tops - but Dora chooses to eat the Harrisons in the morning straight from the freezer and Tops in the evening.
  9. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I don't feed pellets but have done extensive reading regarding them.
    I do know from reading the various different production methods of them from warm and cold extrusion processes that cold pressed keep more nutrients of the seeds used to make them within the pellet.
    Remember to check the use by date of the pellets as buying a large bag actually works out not as good as a small one as the pellets once opened go "off" and use their nutritional values quite quickly so when you open them keep so many out to use and the rest get put in an air tight container and get popped into the freezer to try and retain the nutrition.
    Go organic as TomsMum said rather than anything with additives if you are going to feed pellets
    Don't just change the seed bowl for a bowl full of pellets it has to be done very gradually as sometimes birds do not recognise the pellets are a food source, we have on this forum come across people who's birds literally starved to death as the bird didn't realise it could eat a pellet.
    Whether you are feeding pellets or as I do a seed mix that is designed for that particular specific species (one food does not give the nutritional requirement for every species) you must offer fresh fruit and veggies daily.
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