Happy New Year


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Happy New Year, people in the UK. Still a couple of hours to go here though!

There are a few loud fireworks being set off at random intervals though, which is annoying as it is stopping babies from settling properly. Fortunately none of our animals have ever seemed all that bothered by fireworks previously, so we're hoping they won't be this time either when the real fun begins around midnight. People tend to go crazy with the fireworks here too (perhaps they are cheap, or perhaps they save up their money all year to buy as many as possible for special occasions like New Year, important football matches, and the downfall of unpopular politicians); but we're so far out here that the surroundings are almost rural, so it hopefully won't be anything like as bad as when we were in the midst of an urban area a couple of years ago. It was relatively bearable last year (our first here) anyway.
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