Happy new year everyone

Michelle Mcmichael

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Happy new year everyone just a little up date from me and maxi we r doing great hes now inside living in kitchen and loving life hes out of cage at least 1 hour a day out ripping up boxes lol or on my shoulder watching tv. Hes started bathing himself in his water dish so I've tryed twice to give him a wash in kitchen sink but he doesnt same to like that as much so going to have to find out another way lol . Awwww I've a question maybe one of u guys could answer he has a crack on either side of his beak in at his face is this normal or is he lacking in something ? Hes talking away and whistling I've tv on the radio all day for him from morning till bed time. Hes very loving . I need more ideas for things to do with him outside the cage if yous have them I'd b greatful . So how are u all and ur furry animals?


Michael Reynolds

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I had a very good Christmas day at home with my flock, my neighbor brought me Christmas dinner pudding and cake with other goodies had a lovely box of chocolates and plenty of cakes from Wales plus mince pies all my neighbor's have been so helpful and good
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