Happy gotcha day Dora

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Happy gotcha day to Dora 💖 7 years today! For those of you who don't know the story she came to us on a day when I only went out to have a standard breast screening test, my husband went to look round the garden centre nearby and met me to say he'd found and fallen in love with a bird!......

She was on her own as her brother had been sold, 8 months old with her wings clipped and her cage near the floor in the "pets corner" of a garden centre. The staff loved her and used to sit her on the shelf behind the till - after a very short discussion about keeping a parrot, and quite a few piggies out of the piggy bank we brought her home.


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And since that day, you've never looked back ;)

Gosh, the ups and downs of keeping birds. I bet those seven years have passed in an instant and you have plenty of memories to cherish.

Michael Reynolds

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Time dose fly Wendy it dose not seem that long ago when Dora had her last gotcha day, you must be a tolerant wife letting your husband go out and look at birds Ha Ha while you was going through a worrying time, have a good day Dora, I am glad you had enough in the Piggy bank and not be Bust.
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