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In loving memory of Guinness who passed away this evening.
Beautiful timnah grey a trouble causer and chief mischief maker, much loved by Bob and his previous owner Paul,
Thanks Paul for supplying a beautiful photo of him for this memory post.
I have just arrived home as drove through the night to go and collect Guinness so he can be laid to rest in my garden alongside Dizzy.
Sweet dreams little one x


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I am absolutely heartbroken and devastated. I’ve not stopped crying yet. He was my baby boy my first parrot. It was so hard rehoming him and this has killed me. Not a day has gone by when I don’t think of him, cleo and Alfie. Fly free my special boy 58FEB2D1-F576-4473-8EF9-8F199E1AC4DE.jpeg


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@paulw My heart goes out to you. Having had 2 parrots pass away last year I know only too well the heartache xx

Oli Fry

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Very sad to hear of the loss of Guinness - here's hoping you can still enjoy the memories of your time with him.


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So sorry to hear of Guinness' passing. Fly high and free beautiful Guinness. :heart1:
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