Green parrot found in Sale, Greater Manchester (M33) on 26th November 2020 #foundbirds #foundpets #animalrescue


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Took me ages to spot the feeder the bird is on DOH
for others looking it's a plastic hanging bird feeder that has the greenhouse on the left of the photo behind it.....
Shape / colours make me want to say plumb headed parakeet (female)

Michael Reynolds

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My first thoughts was a Senegal and it may be an optical illusion that the bird had a long tail owing to the background. I can see why you thought of a Dusky or Plumhead both are possibilities along with other dark headed long tailed birds, photos can be deceiving I ruled out the plumhead as they have a blue tail although this may also leave one of its cousins the slaty headed, all I hope is the owner will see this and know he or she still has the chance of the bird returning alive.
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