Goofy little bird 😍


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Good afternoon all!
Haven't posted a photo of the birdies for a little bit, i love the personality of Bo. He is so goofy and i love him haha..
Turned round from cleaning his cage to this, he is the cutest little guy but most photos are like this, i sit and laugh everytime i look at them.

Wouldnt be Bo without sass either!

Fifi on the other hand is now accepting this big noisy grey thing opposite side of the room is here to stay and has started to work with us in getting a bit closer, not letting them out together but starting to build a bit of trust between them. First time Fifi has ever looked at Bo (other than swooping during flight to scare him haha) and in true Bo fashion he is pretending she doesn't exist 😂
He happily got toys changed and cleaned after this...

Hope everyone is well!😁
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