Goodnight Sprinkles


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Awww bless her little fluffy knickers :confused: sorry for your loss hugs to you all.
Sweet dreams little one so glad you got to experience a loving home where you we're treasured and adored. :sparkle_heart:
Thanks everyone. Some say it's just a chicken, you've still got 8 more, but they don't understand. The hens ALL deserve a nice retirement from factory life as little individuals, and it's always sad to see one go.

Michael Reynolds

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She may of been a chicken but she became a member of your family and loved, People whom only think of chickens as being on there dinner table or being thankful for the eggs they produce just do not understand just how they can become so close to our hearts. Like Parrots they have individual characteristic's, Not having chickens myself but look after a few when my neighbour goes away, I know I got attached to some of them, It was such a sad day when a fox got in the Pen Killed all but one of the chickens, although they were not mine i was still heart broken, MJGB thank you for giving them a nice home for there retirement. I am sure If Sprinkle was still here She would say thankyou in her own way.
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