Goodbye Grandad


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Rest in peace My Darling Grandad.
I miss you so much you will forever be missed.
You were always in my thoughts every single day when you were here and you will remain in my thoughts until I meet you again.
I will treasure all our memories.
Thank you for being you. You done so much for me. You and Nanny were like second parents to me and I was always clingy with you both. You couldn't get rid of me but you loved me being with you and me tagging along with your day to day life like going shopping on a Saturday and seeing family on a Sunday. We even had trips to the beach.
I love you to the moon and back. Go and be with Nanny and give her a kiss from me.

Love you, miss you, we will meet again xxxx

He was in the same hospital that Nanny passed away in so it brought back very sad memories.
We were together when Nanny passed away. We both held hands with each other and Nanny and she passed peacefully.

Grandad had been refusing to eat and drink when he was taken to hospital. We thought he would move to a smaller hospital closer to us and I was waiting to see him there but he remained in his main hospital. We were told he probably wouldn't wake up and talk but I went anyway. When I got the call that it was matter of days he had left I went straight to the hospital to see him.

He passed away on the 17th of this month, the day I visited him. It was very beautiful moment I had with him.
As soon as I arrived he had the biggest smile on his face.
He wanted me to get him a cup of tea. I use to make one for him when I visited them. They only lived a 2 min walk from our home so it was easy to see them daily. He remembered this and wanted his tea. He had two sips which was alot as he hadn't had anything for weeks. My Dad and nurses was shocked that I got him to drink a tea.
He held my hand and said "Hello my little darling" this is what he always said everytime I came round theirs. Roy had to move me back so they could bring him further out so I could get closer. But he thought I was going and he got really upset. I then went back to his side and he smiled and grabbed hold of my hand and didn't let go even when he drifted in and out of conscious.
I had to leave him when he fell asleep as it upset him earlier and I didn't want him to get upset again.
He passed away that night when everyone had left.


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Thank you my friends for your very kind words xx

Tomorrow is the funeral. This is a poem I wrote to go with his flower arrangement.

Here is the poem

My Darling Grandad

"Hello my little Darling" is what you use to say

With big smiles upon your face, that always made my day

Making you tea was always a pleasure

But to see you like it how I made it that was even better

I loved Sitting in your garden in the sun

and days out were always fun

When you were here you were always in my thoughts daily

This will stay the same as I love you greatly

You being missed is so very true

There are no words big enough to say how much I love you

Calling you my Grandad made me proud

I will promise you I won't let you down

Heaven has called you so Goodbye for now

Sleep peacefully my Darling Grandad and be with Nanny and tell her I love her too.

Lots of Love

Your Little Darling Jessup (Jess)



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Well I am home now. Feeling quite emotional still.
The service was absolutely wonderful and it was so Grandad. We all got told in the service he smuggled whisky into hospital. He confessed just before he passed away. He makes me laugh. I love him.
My Dad looked at me half way through the service to make sure I was alright. My Aunty sat next to me, it should of been my Dad but she wanted to be with me. I didn't mind at all. She got so emotional so I just reached out my hand and comforted her.
The church was nearly full which shows what a great guy he was. He came in to candle in the wind which was beautiful and went out to majesty. For the burial I bought two roses. One pink (for Nanny) and one red for Grandad. They are buried together now. So I tied the roses together with white ribbon to represent them reuniting and got Roy to throw them in on top of his coffin.
Roy had to carry me to the grave as it is all grass. I just cried in his arms. I haven't been there since we buried my Nanny 9 years ago.
I lost count how many times my Dad thanked me for Grandads flower arrangement and poem. People kept giving my complements too saying it was beautiful. I even got a complement from my cousin who is a florist, he thought I bought it from a florist.
After the wake I got a phone call from my Mum and Dad and can you guess what they wanted to say..........
" Thank you for the flower arrangement and poem, it was beautiful and I done him so proud"

I will miss you my Darling Grandad and Nanny too. I love you both. xxxx :emoji_cry::emoji_cry:
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