Good Morning :) Friday 28th June


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Good morning, what lovely photos, beautiful birds they really are.
Well it's blowing a gale here and the sun is out, strong winds were not forecast so that is a surprise.
Hubby & chums setting up the railway today in readiness for tomorrows event and daughter & boys will being packing as they are travelling back home tomorrow having been here for 8 weeks!

Enjoy the day.


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Good morning everyone, my daughter moves into her new home today. Well she gets the keys:emoji_grinning::emoji_grinning:. I think she’s in for a bit of a shock, but at 26 she knows everything. She only moving 10 minutes away so I can still call on her for bird sitting duties. I’m not too sure what to do with her room. I’m toying with the idea of a craft room and/or bird room. It’s quite a big double room or it will be when she gets all her stuff out of there. I will miss her, but can’t wait:emoji_joy:. I’m still poorly so it will be a while before I can strip wallpaper and replace the carpet so for now I’m content to online shop looking at paper, fabrics and ideas.

Birdies are going out on the patio, I thought today I’d redesign my outdoor aviary, I bought the panels ages ago but then got ill so it’s waiting for me for when I’m ready to pour the concrete base. I’m thinking of getting more parrots, I’m being drawn to cockatoos and macaws, but I’d need to get scruffy settled a bit more as he was only adopted in April. The aviary I have can be divided so I need to rethink my original design. I’d like some plants and a water feature in there as I’ll be able to see it from the house and patio.

Have a great day everyone.

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Good evening every one, what a lovely photo to start the day with, knowing it was going to be quite warm I was up and out early. well i came back and soaked the flock, i think i needed cooling down and i certainy got quite wet myself as lots of wing flapping and wet birds kept landing on me, keep cool every one i hope the warm weather will not make those not well fill more uncomfortabl

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Rather late to the conversation - lovely pictures and I hope you will all soon enjoy some nice lizard.jpg weather - the last few days have been busy in trying to keep everyone happy and comfortable in the heatwave - The house stays relatively cool and it hasnt been more than 23 inside the house but the chickens have been coping with anything up to 43 degrees (measured the same both on a digital and a traditional thermometer). I have been keeping the henhouse cool by raising the lid with freezer blocks to cool any breeze that passes and putting a reflective windscreen protector to reflect heat away from it. Plus watering the ground so they have cool damp feet, and little and often treats - sweetcorn, watermelon. pomegranate from the fridge and just thawed raspberries and blackcurrants too... spolied rotten as is the small lizard who had his first taste of watermelon!
Dora has been taking advantage of now ripened grass seeds and some flowers and their seed heads too, everything happens earlier here!
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