Good Morning 06/07/19


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It's raining over myside of Yorkshire ….. pinging it down but we needed it to clean the air as was really muggy and sticky the last couple of days.
Looks like you have your own two little bits of sunshine in your house @Rachel Kendall
My mum enjoyed herself yesterday and lots of people sent her lovely cards to mark it think there must be half a rainforest in cards!
No idea what today is going to bring but one thing for sure is its starting with a lovely steaming mug of coffee hmmmmm
Whatever your up to stay safe and dry!


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Good morning, thank you for that lovely photo @Rachel Kendall made me smile, a good start to the day.
@DizzyBlue pleased your mum enjoyed her birthday, and so she should.
A dull morning here looks like it could rain (we could do with a shower I must admit). But it is so warm very warm.

What a to do here yesterday it started with hubby being bitten by something, his wrist became swollen, we dabbed After Bite on it and he took an antihistamine (I had visions of ending up at A&E as long time back a horse fly bit him and the swelling went right up his arm) luckily it was okay this time.
Then he decided to fit new kitchen taps, of course the new fitting that came with them did not fit our plumbing so he had to go buy different fittings. Later on I heard a yell dashed into the kitchen and hot water was spurting out from under the sink, some connection had seized and would not turn off, he was getting absolutely soaked and his finger burnt where he was trying to stop the flow. I grabbed a bowl then bucket and towels whatever I could....long story got plugged, I mopped up he went to get changed. In the midst of this our postie turned up, looked & burst out laughing!
All water was turned off so no water to drink etc etc. I almost had to resort to a ready made G&T to have with my lunch, then remembered a carton of orange juice in the fridge.
By late afternoon new taps in and working and they are very nice indeed. But hubbys poorly knees & back really hurt even more after all that.
Enjoy the day everyone.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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hello, a little rain overnight and woke to thunder rolling round, but bright now and not too hot yet. I am pleased your taps are sorted - plumbing seems fraught with opportunities for problems and havent the tools to try it - there is a leak from under the washbasin and I am waiting for a reply from an English oddjob person but I get the feeling we are too far away for him to be interested - if I dont hear back by early next week I will have to ask locally, but I dont know the words to describe where the leak is in English let alone French! I want to get it fixed before my husband comes back at the end of the month - hes had enough to do in the UK without more here.
Beautiful pics Rachel, its always sunny with those two around.
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