Gizzie bed time routine


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Mine can but don't, Chorley does not go in his cage at all. I put it back so he could have some peace from bully Lucy but no, he still will not go in.


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Cash comes with two modes. Mode one is he goes in and then chooses his nut out of box. Mode two is he takes himself in and keeps giving us dirty looks to get out the lounge so he can kip.
Bobbie, that boy, he mainly gets smuggled back in in Robs hands as he'd never go in if. He could.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Dora had a routine where she says she is ready for bed then when we get there she tries to find reasons not to and insists on looking under the bed for monsters. Sometimes she does a full body lean and clearly won't settle into she had had a final poo or drink. Once that's done she steps in happily!
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