Giving my budgies some sunshine


I was just wondering if it was alright to take my budgies out in a carrier and just let them have some sunshine since the weather will be getting warmer and me and my family love to sit in the garden for ages. I would never take them out without a carrier and they’re too small to wear a harness unless anyone has been able to find a harness small enough for budgies lol!
I just wanted to know if it’s safe to do that or if there’s any point? Thank you


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If you are in the UK you can't currently currently this due to bird flu. All birds are meant meant be kept indoors or under complete cover if they are outside to help prevent the spread of it.

Give it a couple of months until they announce the restrictions are lifted and then its safe to do so.

A secure carrier is the best option and cover half of it with a towel or blanket so they can get out of the sun if it gets a bit much for them. And remember to have a drinker in there for them to get some fresh water if needed :)

Harnesses are not safe budgies, you can get some small enough but budgies are far too delicate to wear them and a harness will not protect against a wild animal or a cat trying to take them. I have known birds taken right off their owners shoulders!


Yeah I didn’t think they’re would be a harness abs I wouldn’t want to put them through the stress of putting it on. I have a carrier they can go in thanks
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