Getting out parrot to Spain


Hi can you tell me what I have to do to get my African green cheek parrot, which is a family pet we are taking it to Spain

Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome Daffas, I am a little lost regarding your parrot, do you mean a green cheek conure? if so they come from the middle of south America.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello @Daffas, not sure how you are planning to travel? Car? train? plane? ferry?
I only have experience of long distance travel by car and Eurotunnel from Kent to SW France.
Whatever mode of travel you are using I would recommend getting your little parrot used to a suitably sized and comfortable travel cage or carry case WELL (weeks at minimum, preferably months) in advance of travelling. Once they are happy with that then get them used to being in a car, making sure that you keep up a reassuring patter of conversation and have some treat ready for rewarding how well they have behaved.
It may not be possible to practice the actual type of transport, but with as much practice as possible, and trying to expose them to as many different relevant situations you should will be the stable, single point of connection that never changes for them. Yes you will seem daft singing, muttering or whistling to keep your bird happy.
I would recommend travelling by day as my Senegal didnt want to go to sleep (too inquisitive) when it got dark and I had to remove all but the lowest of low perches, and padded out the bottom of the carry case so that she was safe if she wobbled off the perch.
Travelling by car in sunshine (even in the cooler months) can be too hot so I rigged up a reflective cover too. Also for a long car journey you will want to allow your bird out into the car itself to play and stretch their legs and wings.
I checked in advance with Eurotunnel who said that I had to book in at reception with her but nobody then knew what they were meant to do apart from make a note against my booking number.
You will need to check the CITES list and situation as Brexit is going to affect things!


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