GCC is trying to lick me!


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He's tried to lick my lips, my chin and then headed for my eyelashes (a common preening for me!) but instead of messing with my eyelashes he tried to LICK MY EYEBALL!! I've had quite a few birds but I don't think I've ever been licked before. A loving nibble yes, attempts to pick between my teeth or investigate up my nose (No, I don't allow any of these!)
Is this a conure thing? He's an amazing little guy. He rolls on his back like a puppy to play, he talks - he probably knows about 8 sentences and questions. Apparently he's a 'good boyyyy' - he tells me so, usually when he's being told not to stand on Eric's head (his lovebird pal)
Who needs a tv when you've got birds for entertainment?!


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I re-homed from an ex-breeder an aviary conure to my sister-in-law about 2 months ago and he is adapting wonderfully.
From an aviary bird he seems to know how a "good pet birdy" behaves and has her in fits of laughter frequently. Marching around going his goose-step, shouting at her when she leaves the room, just think she has all these moments to come..
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