Fussy eaters

Michael Reynolds

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I do not have a problem with sprouted food but things like brockley some of my birds will not touch if I give it, I have to trick them, I left some on the side in the kitchen last night so Charlie and his followers plus the birds that I call the bird room gang that I know will raid the kitchen each morning and take what they think that is mine. it started off me accidently left things out to now I use there naughtiness for there own good, although it means I am having to do extra cleaning each mornig

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Dora will eat sprouted lentils for about 3 days max, then I have to find an alternative. She will eat her greens if she thinks we aren't watching her play with the pieces crammed into the bars of her cage.
Michael I think you are using reverse psychology to get your crew to eat what you want them to.
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