Fruit tree buds- safe?


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Hello, spring is finally here in middle Europe meaning lots of work in the garden -cutting branches for example. We have fruit trees as apricot, peach, cherry and due to the mild weather there are full buds on them. I know the branch itself is not good for them (apples, pears ok), but how about the buds itself? I bought some nice branches inside to blossom and my 2 conures went straight for the buds. The trees were never treated , we planted them 10 years ago so we know.

If it is safe I think we have many happy hours to come - and they will get it only under supervised not to chew the branches.
Sounds like spring has sprung :feel_loved:

try these links check safe wood and then the safe flowers/petals. The old saying of no stone only pip with trees referring to the fruits.

Oh and this is the toxic tree list... Your apricot, cherry and peach are not to be used.

Oh and this is the toxic tree list... Your apricot, cherry and peach are not to be used.

Thanks, I know these tree are not safe but wonder if the fruit is safe -mean peaches, cherry..etc- would it be the buds as well safe as the fruits are forming from these buds? (or bud is not the right word? ). These tree are first blossom than later on they start growing leaves. Also leaves are not good for them,-sure I know that.
Fruit minus the stone is safe. I can't say if the blossom is safe I follow your meaning though but would still say no to the blossom.
Perhaps look for something that you know is safe like the apples or pears, do you have a magnolia tree by any chance? Their huge flowers are safe my lot love them.
Seem to remember years ago we did have a member who was a breeder who had brush tongues (lorikeets) and he did allow them the blossom but as they are pollen / nectar feeders totally different situation. :noidea:
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