Friday 7th June

bikergirl Carol

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Good morning...good morning...Weve slept the whole night through, good morning to you .....
Strange im not sure if ive got the morning post cos im a bit shell shocked. I cant find another ???
Baby arrived yesterday. :applaudit::applaudit::applaudit::applaudit::applaudit: We got to the hospital at 6am baby James said :wave: at 9am weight 9. 12lbs. myself and my grandaughter were there to help. such an incredible experience.
Very happy parents and very happy daughter...that sounds strange.. this is my daughters 3rd surrogate baby.
I will stay here for a few more days just to help. We are off to Brabam tomorow. then again lazy day on sunday.
safe day everyone x


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Morning everyone. Glad to hear the birth went well Carol. What your daughter is willing to go through for others is truly amazing.

All fitted out with heart monitor and it's luckily dinky enough to be able to tuck away out of beak range [emoji1]. It's actually 48 hrs I'm supposed to wear it, but still no sign of Lurgy. It's strange actually wishing the sickness to raise its ugly head, but it would be good if it did while I'm wearing this thing. Hey-ho.

We had a power cut sometime during the night. I know this because I was woken up by the lamp switching on in the room. Many of our lights have smart bulbs so with the hub being off and rebooting it no longer controlled the lights. I ended up pootling around the house at 3 in the morning turning lights off [emoji23]

Sunny here this morning for a change, although nippy. Had a couple of thuds at the back window already so windowsill now packed with boxes. I really feel for the poor babies every time they do it.

Have a lovely day y'all.

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Morning everyone, going to be very wet here today.
Yes we have that problem if the power goes off Caz, but can at least just tell Alexa to turn them off! One of the few things it’s really useful for!

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, weather damp and raining, so it been a mixed morning after reading one post I felt quite sad with the loss of Jack Sparrow but then @bikergirl Carol told us her news, well done on helping another family with there dream yore daughter is so brave. Cazimodo I was just thinking of your birds being on you and if the monitor picks up their heart beat, I thing it will certainly make them worry but it lucky you do not have humming birds, I hope it shows that if you do have a heart problem it is some thing that can be sorted but also wishing there is no problems at all but they will find the cause of your concern. TomsMum I can just imagine having Alexa in my home as I have some birds that do not like the dark and others that do the lights will be always turning on and off, Diana I hope you find time to relax today as you have been so busy just lately. love the photo Yellowchickenparrot, this mornings photo is Lisa and Archie



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Nice to hear everyone seems cheerful, even if it is raining, not here but time to change.

Yes Diana, you have a lot to do at the moment, you do need to make time for yourself and REST.

What beautiful birds @Michael Reynolds, I often wonder how you manage and work full time as well and do your rescue/help for others, I am finding coping with 8 birds very hard and think none are happy. I must put a post on because George has gone done a great deal since we moved but without a photo would be hard for people to assess.

People seem to have a lot of fun with their Alexa's and such, maybe one day I will go there, do they feed the birds, do the washing up and tidy the house?

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello all, welcome to baby James and I wish Rose good luck as a dag trainer. Very wet here this morning and since about 11am its been blowing up a storm. Went to the market but only the food market stalls were there - I think because it is Pentecost this weekend and a lot going on elsewhere. Should be finishing painting the utility room, but Dora is having a quick moment of shut eye on my knee under the table, and after eating a veg tart and new bread from the boulangerie I feel a need for a snooze too.


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Good afternoon, hubby & I went into town this morning, the Farmers market there and I bought dressed crab and Artisan made loaf of bread (I chose Rye) we took that back for lunch and daughter was delighted, all 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed it with our home grown watercress - which is sooo easy to grow.
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