Friday 5th July


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Morning all
Well Friday yet again
Yesterday was weather wise stunning here not sure what is promised today but we'll get weather one way or another whatever type it happens to be lol
Got a few things to run around and do today last minute birthday things to sort to ensure all in place for later today
Must give Nigel a tinkle and see how he's getting along hopefully he's getting better and on the road to recovery although its going to be a long slow haul
Whatever your up to today stay safe and no getting in to trouble lol


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Morning everyone. A bit grey here again, but looking to clear up I think (it didn't bother yesterday after all [emoji4]).

Vet visit done. They took blood and we'll get the results next week, but we don't think plucking is disease related. The vet thinks the fact that Zigs is barbering Frodo too shows that it is probably hormonal. She's not keen on collars, but suggested we look into a hormone implant once we've ruled out disease. She's given me the name to look online as she says it's cheaper for us to buy it online and have them implant it than for them to source it. Still a couple of hundred however and she admits the effect only lasts for a few months. I'll need to have a good search around about them before I make a decision though. Has anyone here had experience of them?

Planning a very lazy day today as am feeling quite drained after the past week. Luckily both birds went into their separate cages this morning without a fight. [emoji847] I heard Grant chasing a bat around the kitchen late last night and was expecting to see it this morning and have to try and deal with it, but it appears he managed to get it out [emoji1] so all good [emoji106]

Have a lovely day y'all.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hi guys, sad about periscope going to the shrimps, take care not to overdo it Cazimodo - we were once advised we could use a hormone implant for a chicken that had egg problems, due to the cost and need for repeat chose to leave well be and she was OK, but maybe it would break the chewing cycle with Ziggy.
No snakes for a few days but saw a beautiful iridescent green/blue lizard yesterday and have a small sand lizard in the kitchen (and plenty more outside).
Today should hopefully be the last of the very hot days - its just too hot to do anything energetic when its like this, yet the track opposite must be near a spring as I went to trim around my neighbours house sign (they only come for holidays) I found some huge puddles even though we haven't had rain for a couple of weeks. Apparently a spring arises in their barn too during the winter!
have a good day.

Michael Reynolds

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good evening all, its hot and stuffy but the flock are all happy, they all had a shower or a dive under the tap. was out early but by mid day i felt the heat was getting to me, the laptop died on me so i had to just reload windows, it will be nice to know how Nigel is getting on Tasha, we are thinking of him and wishing him the best in his recovery. I am pleased Ziggy has been to the vets and at least it will show if it is a medical problem, the last place i lived in had a well under the floor that overflowed on occations. this was the main reason for me having to find another place to live. have a good evening all
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