Friday 4th October

bikergirl Carol

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morning. friday already, the weeks are flying by. rainy again but with a peek at the sun behind the clouds. its nearly time to go and watch the burdies dancing in the sky. i was at daughters on sunday and came home with a tiny fish. my grandaughter asked me if i could put her single fish in my tank because it was lonely. cant have a lonely fish so its got pals now. ive just been looking at panto tickets for my son and family. I buy them every year as a family gift. this year its Aladdin. I do love a a panto. off to work soon.
safe day everyone x


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Afternoon all
Looks like I will be missing in action for a while and popping in as and when I can :(
As I type this my step-dad is on the operating table having his hip replaced :yikes: H's hoping to be home Monday and the consultant said ok maybe but by the way your banned from driving for 6 weeks after the op. Thought my stepdad was going to limp out the door lol So I am running Tasha's Taxis for the next few weeks :lol: and taking care of the pair of them bet they will be glad when they can sack me :risas3:
Temperatures are now starting to drop on a night time so time to think about sealing the aviary in for the winter usually I wait until there are at least 3 nights in a row down to single figures (top of the single figures) and then put the panels up to help keep the warmth in and stop any night time wind and rain even thought they do have a large roost box with heating available.
@Yellowchickenparrot OMG that is a full scale nightmare what's the issue? Heat? Water issues? Disease?


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Afternoon , hope all goes well for your step dad, yes a good 6 weeks before he can drive, unfortunately it was longer for my daughter as they did a hip repair (bolts!) and that takes longer, she was not happy. It is lucky you are not too far away and can step in to help.
Yes temperatures definitely dropping now.
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@Yellowchickenparrot - Yikes, that sounds like a nightmare! I have to say that this is something that has always put me off getting a fancy aquarium - the expense and initial trouble of setting it all up + the risk of then suffering massive losses if some part of the rather delicate system goes wrong.

@DizzyBlue - hope the operation is successful and he gets over it without complications. My mother had a hip replacement about 6 years ago and has been quite pleased with the result - there was barely any joint left before, just bone rubbing on rather disintegrated bone (the doctors were apparantly amazed she could still walk), but it has been the least of her problems, health-wise, since then!

Poor nephew has been on his way since yesterday morning and was meant to be showing up around now, but he just messaged me to let me know that his flight from New York was delayed by a few hours, which caused him to miss his connecting flight. He's now therefore stuck in Guarulhos airport in São Paulo till this evening, till he can finally catch his connecting flight here, so we won't be seeing him till well after dark, at best. He doesn't seem overjoyed about the experience. I believe I did warn him about taking a lengthy route with too many connections due to the increased risk of missing one somewhere and messing up the whole schedule, but he obviously thought he knew better!

I suspect that any direct flights were too expensive, and he was probably trying to avoid the common and annoying transfer between airports in São Paulo (where you have to leave the airport and catch a bus or taxi right across the city to transfer between many international and domestic flights), but it was already a 24-hour journey and will now be well into the 30s by the time he gets here, if he indeed does today!

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Good afternoon its a sad and expensive day for the loss of Juno and the corals I thoughts go out as I fill for your losses, its showers at the moment but have had some dry spells, its getting colder now so I think we can kiss good bye to the nice weather for a while. birds are all calling me so I will be playing with them soon, Tasha I hope the op goes well and your step-father recovers soon. I do hope everyone's day will improve

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Sorry to hear about Juno and the tank issues @Yellowchickenparrot - a sad day.
Hope the recovery goes well with your stepdad @DizzyBlue . I wonder if people still have to take precautions to not bend, cross their legs or twist a new hip - it used to be a regular thing but then fashions change and it was all to do with the amount of coverage the pelvis is able to provide and the approach taken by the surgeon. However I have seen a very confused elderly lady bending a new hip without problems, yet a very careful younger person dislocate a new hip.
Out walking tomorrow if the weather is good, and a chance to check out if the Saturday group really is a quiet and slow group that take a short route, If so I might consider taking Dora in her Pac o Bird next time, while the weather is still warm enough.
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