Friday 3rd December

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon every one, damp and cloudy day so far, @dianaT received the bags and I will contact them as I am willing to give a sample to the shops in Tonbridge, I will say I am impressed with the bags mind you I was also surprised how quick the post man delivered them, they arrived by 12:00. keep safe every one


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Good afternoon, the bag soon arrived only posted it yesterday afternoon it caught the 3.30pm post and it was 2nd class, yes the quality and size of those bags are very good.
Been waiting for Hermes delivery in vain yet again, got a new driver who for some reason delivered my parcel to neighbours last week, but today I have had a Hermes message he's having difficulty finding us! Well - we are the next property where he should have come to last time! All I can do is have a chat on-line with a robot Grrr.


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Afternoon peeps
Flipping dark outside
Just going to grab some breakfast and have the gang out for a bit
Doing some night shifts so a bit at 6's and 7's with my self at the moment but its an honest living so not complaining.... well actually I would love to complain..... why do people change their minds when grabbing stuff when shopping and then throw the item behind totally random different products on another aisle! What is all that about????? Seriously if you can't be bothered to return it to the correct place pop it on the end of an aisle on an empty spot or something .... I discovered what was a cream cake in the dogfood aisle last night shoved behind tinned dog food and to say it was a mess and going off was an understatement!! YUCK!!
Thank you for the new dolphin bag Diana arrived this morning and have to say they look really good and strong
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