Friday 2nd August


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Good morning....we have yet more sun.
We had a young Robin in the kitchen yesterday afternoon so opened windows wide closed kitchen door , hubby had to get the steps as it went on top of the kitchen cupboards, then flew to the other tops and back again he was constantly moving the steps, I burst out laughing, Anyway eventually he caught it and put it out through the window it flew off okay. What a dear little bird with its speckledy chest.
This happened just after friends had visited for a cuppa and some of Tesco iced doughnuts - perhaps it was hoping for some too.
This weekend I plan to pick the blackcurrants, hopefully there is enough to make a small pie. Luckily the parrots do not like them although that won't stop the blackbirds nabbing them first, still if they do they do, their need will be greater than mine.

Hope you all enjoy the day.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hi, A clear cool morning with the magical appearance of 2 small deer as I was letting the chickens out early on. Good to see your farm flock are protected by electric fencing Michael - - hungry vixens with cubs to feed are are big problem here at the moment, but I have great trust in it having seen fox prints in the snow right beside our fencing.
My firs tub of peas produced about 3 pods - the plants all died off and when I emptied the old pot yesterday found a lot of large white grubs in the soil, some extra protein for the chickens there! My next two tubs of peas have produced a lot of greenery but no flowers to turn to pods. Apparently the bllackcurrants back in Kent were good and my husband has put a lot in the freezer for future transport to here, we usually freeze fruit for the chickens to have over the winter. I'll be back there in a few weeks and will gather a rosehip, blackberry and elderberry crop.
Been listening to the news, and I feel for those affected by the flooding and hope none of you are suffering.

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon all, was out early its sun and clouds but such a nice day, Flock are all fine, got a few cages to jet wash so quite busy afternoon, I hope you are all having a better day than yesterday


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Evening folks. Quiet day here. Was grey most of the day, but sun is out now, just in time to confuse the birds as they "come come".

Grant's back is much better am pleased to say. Turned out to be just a muscle that went twang. He's been given some exercises to do by the physio.

Because I work Monday to Friday, I have no time to crochet, so I am usually dying to get started come Thursday. I think I overdid it a bit yesterday though as I have a sharp pain down the middle of my left arm, so had to take it a bit easier today. I had one of those hanks of yarn that always end up in a tangled mess to unravel, which I'd been putting off, so did that for most of the afternoon. Takes a lot of patience [emoji846]

Have a nice evening everyone.

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