Friday 26th November


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good morning, we have woken up to sharp frosts and hardly any breeze these last few days but this morning we have heavy rain and high winds.
@dianaT thank you for enquiring about me, as you know the NHS treated the wrong disc, the consultant promised if he didn't choose the right one then he would do the other one next to it as it was one of two discs that were the offending ones. However the 6 week review was cancelled from 30th September [12 weeks] and then that was cancelled and no date now given, I have a private consultation on 4th December and this time if the NHS try to intervene again, I will ignore them and go ahead with private surgery as we now know by process of elimination which disc the offending one grrr.
Budgies G&T are thriving and chirping away, they do love there sweet potato and a bit of carrot (both par boiled)
Xmas is upon us [according to the shops anyway] we don't bother with trying to choose presents now, we give cash to the young ones and vouchers to adults, that way they can all get whatever they want and it is much more straight forward fro us.
Keep dry and stay save folks this news about the new virus in South Africa is a worrying, it seems ever time we we get on top of Covid another variant comes along sigh !


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How awful for folk living along the North East coast. Keep safe everyone.
I know a version of it is heading our way tonight/tomorrow so they keep telling us. Just had hail storm here.
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