Friday 25 October

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Morning folks, damp and misty here today... like @dianaT I have had the iron out - stored the tee shirts and brought out the winter clothes. Mind you I now have what they call a capsule wardrobe as theres not much to dress up for here and most days its either a t shirt or thermal vest + layers of sweatshirts/fleeces etc. When I first came here someone said "you need to start and end the day with layers of warm clothing and in the middle of the day you can be sitting out in hot sun" In general spring through to December they are right but not today I dont think.
Have a good day one and all


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Where is everyone? Do they sleep in on Fridays?

Not a good start for me, Dusky Grey attacked me hand, sad because we were doing so well. I did call him a few choice names but he just blew a raspberry and laughed at me.

Weather here horrid, still loads of housework to do, hate that but must be done, must it?

Michael Reynolds

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Good after noon every one, I was out early to day the weather this morning was quite nice, but it soon changed around mid day. flock are all alert and calling for my attention and love, hope you are all having a good day.
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