Friday 22 November 2019


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Time to help out our dizzy .. Time to go on this little sun that is shining in hope of achieving new pair. It is finaly stopped raining, so im on a quest of gotta catch em all , a one clearwing and one opaline, but one pet shop didnt have any besides lutino yellows, so i went to another it has some greens and few with white wings.. now some remind me of spangle.. but i wanted to know if someone can share mi pic or two of the green light with green wings clearwings or opalines so i cam compare in pet shop since sadly i cant take pictures the worker said damn :) thanks anyway!

Michael Reynolds

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good afternoon everyone, looks like a quiet start to the morning thread, good luck rainbowCro in your search , went out early in-between rain falls. it was a bit of a waste of time as I never found anything I liked. well the flock are calling me so I will be seeing to them soon. sort out what I need for next week, and cleaning, moving a few cages about to make thing easy for the person whom will be feeding the birds for me. I hope you all have a good afternoon and evening

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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ooh very quiet here today!
Ive been sorting out the sheds - in preparation for getting in a removal van sooner or later. Dora seems to be keeping my husband on his toes at home in France, but he says she has become less clingy now. I will have to cut / dig up some big pieces of bamboo soon to give me time to soak and clean it before I go back.
Take care folks.


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Afternoon all. I'm very tired today due to not really sleeping enough (seems like the norm lately!). My naughty two year old is trying to be like Daddy by not getting enough sleep either. Two hours ago she already needed her afternoon nap as she was wandering aimlessly around, falling over her own feet, and generally acting silly and overtired, so I put her to nap before she hurt herself.

Then her grandparents turned up without warning, as they routinely do this time of day, bringing a takeaway from the restaurant that no-one wants (as they routinely do as well), despite having been told over and over that this is not really the best time of day to come, because generally baby is napping, toddler is overtired and needs to nap or she will be naughty the whole time they are here, and no-one actually wants the takeaway you have convinced yourself you have to bring us every lunchtime, so please can't you just come a bit later, preferably with no unwanted offering?

No, they have to come at lunchtime, with no warning, bringing the blasted takeaway, like clockwork, then after big girl has spent half an hour showing off for them and attempted to redecorate the kitchen with said takeaway, she is too overtired to nap at all and is a complete horror for the next few hours (until eventually she conks out from sheer exhaustion for a while at some time in the late afternoon, by which time we are about ready to as well from dealing with her +baby who she keeps disturbing with her antics. It's getting very tiresome. I don't see why our entire daily routine should revolve around MIL's dopey inconsiderate stubbornness over wanting to come at an inconvenient time + FIL (who knows better) sucking up to her and bringing her here because he thinks that doing what she wants will make his life easier - never mind ours! :BangHead:

Anyway, Little Miss is now running around with a pillowcase on her feet claiming to be a mermaid, in between me catching her and shoving her back into bed every few minutes in the rather forlorn hope that the much-needed nap will finally happen. In between dealing with her I am trying to study some dense technical documents on the construction of medieval Gaelic wire-strung harps, as I've realized that I simply need one of these. They're hardly ever available down here, though, and are really too expensive to import, so I'm going to have to either try to make one myself or construct a plan that a local instrument maker will be able to follow (at least such people tend to be relatively affordable here).
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