Friday 18th June 2021


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Come on parroty peeps time to rattle them bones :aplastao:
just been and done the aviary B2 still has a green shadow :lol:
Papers delivered, fish and chips day today and it's still drizzling here was most of yesterday but on the upside the air feels fresher and cleaner (12 degrees) and as it's just a steady drizzle it's gently soaking into the ground so no garden watering required except the pots.
Cuckoo was lovely to listen to this morning sitting high in a tree nearby. If the sun makes a break for it will perhaps get two minutes out for a walk with my camera just down the haven and back for me a call out the front door walk zero travel required. I really must do something about this lockdown weight I gained already switched last weekend to eating salads and cutting out sweet stuff but need to up the calorie burn.I
Have a very large mouse spider running around the living room I need to track down and evict before Henni gets to it. Upside of a mouse spider they don't make webs they run around stalking stuff downside pondering what the neck he's found to stalk :yikes: unless he's munching other web based spiders :watchout: must read up on that. Most of you will have come across mouse spiders but just didn't know the species name so no stress peeps :spider:
Right have a good one and stay virus alert.


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Good morning one and all. cloudy and really cool this morning, Rain from 4pm here in the w midlands.
Off to do the weakly shop at Tesco for a change as they have a wet fish counter back up and running,
Saw the NHS surgeon yesterday very through and informative lots of tests/swabs/blood samples, explained my options and risks and i have signed all the papers for surgery. It was a little strange looking at my own spine in detail with him in all different angles.
Am now to wait for the op date, I am to walk for an hour every day until the op and double up on anti inflammatory tabs !!
The weather looks unsettled for the next week or so but a bit of rain ain't gonna do any harm.
The window cleaner called and gave me four tomato plants he had spare, I had forgotten he had mentioned them a while back. Top bloke.
Put on extra clothing folks, we have got used to it being v hot and we don't want to get a chill now.


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Good morning sunny one here which is nice as it's Alans 75th today friends coming this afternoon for cuppa & cake and daughter coming to lunch tomorrow. Thanks nod re fresh peas in pod @DizzyBlue will have to see whether Tesco have them and add to my next weeks home delivery.
@Beaky good news re the op let's hope it is soon done, be careful re the anti inflammatory tabs that's was hubby was told while waiting forever for the knee op he ended up with narrowing of the oesophagus and hiatus hernia caused by the anti inflams! Try to make sure you do not take them on an empty stomach always eat something even half slice of bread/toast etc before.


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Just back from Tesco. Thanks for the warning @dianaT when i am prescribed anti inflammatory tabs I am also prescribed lansoprazole as an antidote hopefully those will help.
Today I will mostly be planting a capsicum pepper plant and taking an hour walk so that's nice and I will be doing other such things later today (The fast show/PMQ)
My white seedless grape vine in the greenhouse is now 28tft long and has 32 bunches of grapes almost the circumference of the house, only pee size at the moment of course.
btw I didn't notice any fresh peas at Tesco but then I wasn't looking for them, but I did notice runner beans, from Kenya !!
Happy birthday Alan..

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Rain last night but a warm hazy day today. Still getting used to the weather and soil here, so little of what I have tried has successfully grown here but put in some cotton lavender today as it likes hot and dry conditions. Fingers crossed.

Pleaded for you @Beaky and hope it won't be too long .

Happy Birthday to Alan.

Take care folks
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