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Friday 17th May

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nigalius, May 17, 2019.

  1. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Morning All...

    We have a brightish sun here this morning and later on it will be totally clear sun. Winds should be moderate at NW but I am hoping the cast for tomorrow is pretty true with some rain perhaps for 4 hours early morning. I do so much like the rain as opposed to hosepipe water, much better for the plants.

    Both birds are fine and lively. Roxy is preening himself as usual and he actually bit me yesterday. It was my fault though, just did not read his body language properly. Nacho could bite but its much more unlikely and I think is more of a warning than a bite. He perhaps is saying to me that he will do any thing I want so long as there is something to eat at the end of it. If there is nowt to eat then I munch on your fingers.

    I was up just before 04.00 and listened to Steve Allen on LBC for a couple of hours and tended the birds then I laid on the bed for another hour. Still no coffee, aint I a good boy. I am making up for it now though and will have 2 with caffeine in and 2 espresso's then the rest of the day it will be decaff. Personally I dont notice any difference but decaff is supposed to be good for you. I'm going to Montrose later to Steeple Chemist to collect a prescription of some nutrient powder. I am quite happy to pay for the Complan that I use but the NHS here are SO GOOD and one of the doctors said to me "why pay for it when if I write a prescription you can have it for nothing". I am hoping my Beetroot will arrive today then I can plant them and hope they will be a good size.

    Have a Great Friday Everyone and remember, its the weekend so if you are feeling poorly take it easy and try to relax.


  2. cazimodo

    cazimodo Regular Member

    Morning everyone. Much cooler here this morning (yay!). My two have had their breakfast and are busy with the morning preening session. I was listening to them after they went into the cage last night and chuckling away - Frodo is such a softie. He constantly asks Ziggy for "kiss" and makes kissing noises at her. He also likes to remind us that he's a good bird, but at night instead of saying it quickly he draws it out in a deep voice: "good buuuuuuurd". Such a comic that one

    It looks like Ziggy may be developing new feathers on her chest so fingers crossed she leaves them alone this time and lets them grow in. I was going to take them to the vet next week for a beak trim as Frodo is in vampire mode again despite destroying a number of wooden toys lately, but I may delay it in case it upsets her routine and she takes out the new feathers...will have to balance the pros and cons.

    Have a lovely day you crazy kids!

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  3. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Morning everyone, errr beetroot I'm not a fan Nigel lol. Well for the first time Luna has escaped this morning luckily just into the house. I have moved a couple of toys around that were hanging on the top of her cage but these were obviously the only thing stopping her pushing the cage top open. I went into the kitchen to find her saying hello gorgeous sitting on the kitchen side, I have now bent the top cage catch so she can't do it again. Hope everyone has a good day.
  4. cazimodo

    cazimodo Regular Member

    As that bloke says in Jurassic Park , "You clever girl"

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  5. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good morning everyone, off to the shops shortly to stock up again and to co9llect a prescription for daughter who had to see GP yesterday.
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Good morning all, its a colder start and drizzle this morning, Birds a little quiet today as when it is so cloudy the windows do not let in much light, the birds had me running around yesterday even when It was time to tell them good night I could not find Sam after looking every place I could think of I still did not find her, I did not rest to well just worrying but when I was making a cuppa at 5am I herd her lovely Kak call, so now I will have to find her new hiding place. I Hope parrots and people that are not well have a far better day
  7. Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    Wendy Cooper-Wolfe Regular Member Registered

    Hello all, rain as forecast ranging from mega downpour to a normal Dordogne drizzle, but not too cold. Went out for some shopping and found some Lidl mixed nuts (hazelnuts are her favourite, and it has almonds cashews and walnut pieces) in a small pack for Dora - buying normal sized packs is a waste as she wont eat them all before they go off. We used to pick some out of the muesli but cant find the right muesli here all the time. When I came home my husband said that she had recognised the sound of the car and flew over to the window to see more.
    Pips the old chicken has gone broody - normal for her but much later in the year than usual and she has laid more eggs than ever this year so I think her change of home and wider free ranging ability suits her well.
  8. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Afternoon all
    Was tipping it down this morning but has smartened right up for this afternoon which is lovely.
    Henni has turned into the snapping turtle from hell when it comes to having her meds I am counting down the days until the last dosage and pondering how many fingers I will have remaining. Operation site is healing well even if she is being a damned nuisance and inspecting it all the time she's not touching it just keeps lifting her wing up and having a nosy which of course makes me freak out in case that grotty little beak of her's ventures towards it.
    She has killed the two collars within 36 hours of having the vet put the first one on … ok they are supposed to distract her but she goes flipping mental with them and ends up rolling on her back around trying to drag them off carrying on like she's being attacked by a flipping lion! When they are off she continues killing them until she has trashed them completely … the first one she disposed of in her water bowl :asz: was a definite take that and drowned you horrible neck clinging beastie :buenrollo: so not normal!! Waiting for the lab results to come back of the cultures to see what grot she managed to get in there this time. Last time was antibiotic resistant things … don't ever let anybody tell you that a parrots beak is clean … its not its got all sorts of horrible lurgies on it. YUCK!
    Am on parental duties today …. yup keeping an eye on the parents … funny how they never tell us when we are kids that when we grow up we will be doing pay back for them looking after us when we were little and its going to be a flipping lot harder! :risas3:
  9. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Hi all, I hope your daughter is ok @dianaT.
    I am pleased the operation site is healing well. I love little Henni, @DizzyBlue. She certainly keeps you on your toes. Did she have to have a opp because of her self mutilating?

    Roy brought Mia into the bedroom a few days ago whilst he put her foraging pots in her cage. I didn't know he was going to bring her in whilst I would have gotten Bernie off her java tree and onto me *which is what we normally do). Bernie is frightened of the other birds as she can't fly well and I think she feels vulnerable if they attack she can't get out the way. She saw Mia and I didn't have time to get her. So she tried to fly to me but got a bit stuck between my bed and my table. She was in a panick. When she was at her owners home she had to be picked up and she bitten poor Jen's finger really bad. I thought she might do the same but I had to get her so I picked her up and scooped her into my arms. She loved every minute of it!!! She then just laid on my chest until Roy took Mia out. She can come out with the others but I have to make sure she is In my arms so she feels safe.
    Then the other day Roy changed her foraging pots and she was watching him like a hawk. She loves her foraging pots. So She was so eager to get in her cage. Then when Roy put her into her cage I said to her "Is my Bernie a happy girl" then all of a sudden she shouted "Yeah" :risas3:
  10. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I had to explain the shouts of ..”.Hello Alright?” ...to the shopping delivery man this morning :risas3:
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  11. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    @JessCheekyMia Yeah Henni had a Henni-Style-melt-down she's healing, plus she had a few feathers taken out including the feather follicles by the vet they were growing where they shouldn't be but that is probably because of previous scaring where the skin has had to be used to cover other areas of damage, could have been that that has started her off but that's anybody's guess her triggers are many and varied. She's …. well she's just Henni ..... with all the unusual quirks that go with being Henni :)
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  12. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    Poor Henni, she is a mixed up little hen. very lucky to have you Dizzyblue.
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