Friday 17th July

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Good morning all,
Another dry day here but cloudy - however the grass is beginning to turn brown and crispy, and the water butt is empty, but I am sitting with a soggy Dora on my shoulder though as she has decided its her fortnightly bathday.
Working in the garden I notice that this year we might have blackberries (last year they didn't develop into fruits just little brown seeds), and we also have sloes - Dora tried a piece of one and despite the tartness seemed to like it! Sloe gin to be made I think. The mirabelle plums have all dropped into the long grass (the tree is too tall to pick many) and I am loathe to wander under that tree as thats mostly where I seem to pick up deer ticks.

The Search app seems to be working OK still although I am getting some global identifications on grasses and beetles.

Looks like people have been busy - I sympathise with @dianaT on the memory issues as I forgot it was my turn to cook last night and wondered why my husband was pottering around doing other things when I had expected him to be in the kitchen! Its a good job I cook things in bulk and have a stock in the freezer!
Hoping that Bilbo starts behaving @Yellowchickenparrot - Dora has started a new routine where as soon as she has had her final poo and last eat (predictably a Topps pellet and a chew of a white grape, plus a little drink), she will go (almost) straight to bed with minimal fuss. Thinking of you with Sunny @Michael Reynolds.

Take care everyone - stay safe and well


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Good evening everyone, hope you have all had a decent day.
Max has been off colour and tonight he's had fish & rice for his meal he will have the same for breakfast and see how he goes.

What a day here. I went to the post office and then to Lidl. On the way back my oil warning light kept coming on and started bleeping with the little red oil can showing up on the dashboard, so when it had cooled down Alan topped it up although it wasn't low anyway. I looked in the handbook & it said if it continues to bleep 3 times straight off to go to a garage.

While I was out Alan got the massive drill out to go through the thick wall to run the trunking for the new cable he only got halfway through as the drill is one of the industrial heavy things and it was all he could do to lift it up the steps!

Of course I set to and tidied up best I could, then he managed to use another drill through from the other side and luckily both sides met through, but the mess and now 2 holes in either side of the wall straight through. Anyway he wanted to go and get the trunking so I drove to Withybush industrial estate to the electrical wholesalers and on the way there the oil warning light kept coming on a bleeping almost continually which was worrying. So after he'd bought what he needed which was difficult to fit 3 x 3 metre lengths into my little car, luckily it bent slightly, we carried on up to the garage as it was close by, both Reg and Jonathan had a look, Jonathan took something off he said lets look at the small things first and he undid the Oil sensor it was that, so Reg jumped in one of their cars & popped to the suppliers up the road and bought one, Jonathan fitted it and it was all done the cost in total was £28, so we were very pleased. In the meantime and afterwards Alan walked into their big shed and was looking at his Volvo! talking to it, Jonathan was laughing, he chatted to Alan about it & said how difficult it is to get a recon fuel tank they are all in Lithuania for some reason, but he will keep testing other things in the meantime. He is a nice chap, he is Nicola (steam train Roys) eldest son needless to say they chatted for quite sometime. So hopefully the oil problem is now sorted, it was certainly ok on the drive home.

I offered about 15 clean jam & other jars with lids on freecycle as folk use them for pickles and things and someone is picking them up this evening.

That's my day just about!


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And there's more just had 100 + head of cattle escape legged it up the lane. Think we've got them all back some went in neighbour's gardens.
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