Friday 14th June 2019


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Morning all
Nigel I see you lurking :) hopefully your feeling better than you was.
Odd not to see a morning thread by this time.
Well raining here … still …. and looks set to continue doing so.
Just got back from physio appointment love the early morning ones kind of sorts out the creaks for the day.
Birds are just being as shouty and noisy as ever … if not a little more so than normal …. whatever normal is ….. gone past knowing what that is really!
Whatever your up to today stay safe and dry! x


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Morning everyone...hopefully the weather forecast is for brighter and drier.

I see PSUK reposting ACTPs latest trumpeting regarding the release of the Spix Macaw..... mmmmm it’s just another of their statements....let’s leave the cheering until it actually happens!


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Morning Jude and all that follow...

As many of you know I have been in hospital yet again and this time for Pneumonia. For the forseeable future my morning thread will take a different format. Where Iusually post 3 paragraphs detailing the weather, then the birds and finally general this will now be mixed into one.

I was discharged from hospital yesterday arvo and felt highly fatigued. Perhaps a little better this morning. I do have my own oxygen generator here though not using it at the moment, I did use it for much of the night though and am told that to have the best benefit it should be used about 18 hours a day. on level 1. I have taken both of my inhalers, the one a day Annoro and the when required Ventolin Salbutamol. I feel now that I have to get some strength back with the aid of high nutritious drinks which is not having the best of effects on my innards But I am staying hydrated and that is a big plus. I wont go through all the details of different things in the hospital but it was eventful to say the least, I was in there for 11 days and they picked up on other things too including a pretty fast heartbeat which is being treated plus IM am on a diuretic for water retention on a lung. If these meds work it can only help with my breathing.

I am supposed to be having a group round today to install more oxygen machines so I can plug into any outlet when and where needed. Then when that is all done i'll move my laptop and some others bits into the small bedroom so I can have it all in one place and do most things without travelling to other parts of the place. But I will still travel all over the place and the parrots and Frankie will not suffer. I do like to have my own machine in the room that I would possibly use more than most and if that means the small bedroom so be it.

Please disregard any spelling mistakes here, I nomally use Linux spell checker but cant be assed at the moment. If Anyone has hints or tips on COPD could they let me know please, thanks.



Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Good to see you back Nigel, we have all been thinking of you and sending lots of thoughts your way, and I will email you with anything I can think of that will hwlp manage the COPD.
So yesterday I decided to treat Dora to a piece of fresh made popcorn ...and she tried it but I think will take time to get used to it (in all my life this is the first time I have popped corn), and herbs and flowers - a rose and a nasturtium,mint and thyme but she decided to ignore these in favour of a piece of red cabbage! Still, in respect of yesterdays conversations better than brocolli?:D
A fine day here today and not too hot so plenty of outside work to be done.
Have a good day one and all


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good to hear you are back home Nigel. at least you will be able to relax now in your own place, hospitals are exhausting.
here its throwing it down with rain yet again, will be snuggled on sofa I think as over did it yesterday and knee painful. the flag iris in pond had all been flattened by rain and I thought would tidy them up- well a 5 minute tidy up ended up being full scale iris removal as looked such a horrible mess decided would rather get rid. were very heavy and awkward to get out of pond. pleased its done though as looks a lot better


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Good morning everyone, pleased to see you back Nigel and hope in due course things improve more each day.
At this moment it is not raining, but I know more is forecast.
Hubby has to have 2 new knees (one done at a time) the consultant has put him on the waiting list which is 12-18 months which is just as well as he is due radiotherapy in the Autumn or sooner and that must take priority.
Two more week then the family should be heading back home.....but will be back In August for 2 weeks hols.
Keep dry and safe folks.

bikergirl Carol

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morning all. still chucking it down. we are on hamster hunt again .. had an emergency last night my stepson had a kitchen fire. its gutted. they have 8 kids so its bedlam in their house. 2 are autistic.everyone is ok. they are worried about normal stuff like meals washing so ive volunteered to take all their washing and do it for as long as they need me. i cant do much else as im back to work on monday but hopefully the washing will help.
pleased your back Nigel. sit on your bum and take it easy kidda.
safe day everyone x

Michael Reynolds

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I was out early this morning cloud but no rain, the sun did give a few twinkles though, birds are all calling for my attention so i will have to go and give them all a cuddle, good to know you are home Nigel and you will get more chance keeping your breath by not chasing the nurses around the hospital just take things stedy my friend, Carol so pleased no one was hurt, who needs to watch the soaps on TV when you have so much goings on in your family. Sunnyring stop over doing things, i am glad you are pleased with the results of your hard work.Tomsmum i do hope the Spinx macaw will be released back in the wild but the question is when. Wendy make the most of the weather if its good. Diana i hope they can give somthing to keep your hubbies knee free from pain until the time of the op


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Evening all. Glad to see you back Nigel. Mum belongs to a couple of COPD groups online that she goes to for advice. It might be worth having a wee search around?

Had to get rid of Ziggy's boxes last night. she absolutely loves tearing a box up and playing house in it, but she's getting too aggressive. I ended up with a bleeding ear, cheek and hand just because Grant left the room! So that was a case of enough is enough. Of course I was attacked again when I removed the box from the couch, but I was expecting that. Tonight she is back to normal again and can be handled safety. I spent a lot of time with her playing with various toys when I got her out of the cage just to make sure we were on good terms again. You can't take the dinosaur out of the bird it seems

Have a lovely evening everyone.

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