Friday 12th November


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Good morning and what a wet and windy night and it's still doing the same.
Hoping my car may be fixed today it went in for service/MOT yesterday and such a lot it failed on, however it's the only car we have right now so it has to be mended. so.....please send food parcels for sometime!

Keep safe folks.


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:thinking: Food parcels! Errr you'd get sweetie parcels from me do they count?
Wet and wild here this morning.
Just got off the phone with my Avian Vet ...... Flipping Henni :BangHead: No idea what has happened last night but this morning she's got a black eye. :yikes: She's opening it ok but its a rare set of colours this morning. Been told to bath it with warm salt water ... easier said than done been nipped a couple of times for trying have gotten it done. Geeze she can be a cranky witch at times ... just like her owner lol. Have booked an appointment for her he doesn't need to see her urgently he said that was just me freaking out but if its not sorted by Tuesday then she has an afternoon appointment and if she is sorted then have said will take one of the others for a general health check Denarii is due to have her's in January so will just take her early to have hers instead.
Fish and chip delivery day today, plus the blood suckers at the doctors want some from me and do the blood pressure check up that I haven't had for a while ..... not looking forward to that but it'll put their machines through its paces lol. Have a nasty feeling that it's going to say my blood is actually chocolate syrup :risas3:
Onwards and upwards stay safe

Mick Lee

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Morn all wet here as well in Essex I am progressing well with biko he loves the T stand he takes food from my fingers I can get within an inch of he no problems he is exploring more around the house he also get on well with the dog he goes on the floor walks around the dog and both have no problems with each other I am very careful though when biko goes to the floor next step hopefully he will start stepping up on my hand as I said before he does it when in the cage but following advice on here I stopped doing that after the first week of having him want him to step up out the cage when he feels happy he loves all different foods ie fruits and vegetables loves cashews so that's what I use to train him he is talking a lot more says hello in the mornings also says want some and hello when we are eating and he wants some food

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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A lovely morning sunrise as I took Sophie chicken to the vet for laser treatment for bumblefoot, and came home with some herbal drops to help her too. Then out for a walk and saw :and heard) a load of cranes wheeling round on the thermals (photo shows about 25% of them).....wonderful sight and sounds. Now enjoying a cuppa with a sleepy Dora on my knee. I could do with a snooze too! IMAG3545-20211112-16151213.jpg
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