Friday 12th July


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Morning Peeps :)
It's hot and sticky here today but over cast with high cloud, who knows what we're going to get as the day goes on.
Was at physio at 7am still got a way to go to get by muscles back to normal. Can't believe that its taken since Christmas to get this flipping sciatic nerve sorted out the joys of getting old! Hey ho creaky joints is a little issue compared to what a lot of others are going through so kind of puts it all in perspective, a limpy leg is a little issue.
My lot are all showered and preening their fluffies for the day, Henni is running round like a demon possessed throwing anything she can get near around like a banshee. I love this little potty crack pot to bits she's just such a character.
Healing hugs to all who need one.
Whatever your up to today have a safe one and enjoy your Friday


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Morning everyone. We have a strange yellow thing in the sky this morning - not seen it in a while [emoji3]

The vet phoned last night and, as suspected, Ziggy is in fine good health, so there is no medical reason for the plucking. Spoke to the senior vet, who also didn't think it was worth going down the hormone implant route right now. He is of the opinion we keep a waiting watch on the situation.

Zigs has been a lot calmer over the last week with this new routine of separation during the day from Frodo and I've just updated both of their cages with some new toys (Ziggy's of the preening type mostly), so we'll see how it goes. She's still plucking, but her mood seems a lot better.

Good luck at the dentist Diana and enjoy your day out Rachel. I have sciatica too Tasha. Had all the physio and it helped, but being inactive with the Lupus for a while hasn't helped things. I need to get into an exercise regime again, so it will be back to the treadmill soon!

Have a lovely day y'all.

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Morning everyone, it actually is as well.

I remember @Stinky and @Bob both had cages from a certain place. I think the cage would be ideal for the wee ones yet I can not find or remember the suppliers name, could either advise please?

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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hello all, hope the dental appt showed that all is OK, and sympathise with the sciatica problems - I had it once to the extent that it stopped hurting but my leg was numb, would suddenly give way and I kept falling over (you dont get much help when its Christmas - people thought I was drunk!). Lovely day here, a little cooler so I will be out in the garden. Went to the new BioCoop this morning, all very swish and well laid out (the old shop was dingy and cramped), but of course things are a bit more expensive. HOwever buying stuff to make up muesli worked out cheaper than the organic muesli even from Lidl!


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Phew, teeth check up all okay - I can breathe again now!!!
I know only too well how painful sciatica is too, foot & leg went numb, dreadful pain though in side of my back. I tried chiropractor, acupuncture, laser, was given morphine (mad me very ill) then finally when physio appt came through she lay her hand on the painful area and I felt immediate ease. I was given a few more appointments and exercises to do which I still do now a good 3 years on.
I sympathise with anyone who suffer with sciatica.

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Good evening all, well its been a muggy bright day in Kent. flock are all fine a and being very helpful (I wish) go to do any thing and I am getting one or more members of my flock jumping on me. Even trying to line the cage with paper sheets was not so easy as Buster and Holly grabbed the sheets before I could place them and the Jackie decided that they needed altering before I use them. I had a migraine most of the day so I kept off the tablet, I am missing the lap top didn't have to wear glasses like I do with this, I hope your day has gone well and you can enjoy a pleasant evening
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