Friday 11 October

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Quiet on here today, not surprising seeing what people have going on in their lives - @Yellowchickenparrot oh dear - chooks do tend to wait till they are really poorly before letting you know - Is her crop emptying? and have you checked for egg binding, egg peritonitis can creep up quickly too.

Been at patchwork group today, the group all go to the nearby restaurant for a 5 course lunch, but today I have come home to be with Dora for a while and will go back soon to join them in a coffee before the afternoon session starts. Didnt really want to do machine embroidery and patchwork, decided to join so as to integrate in village life, but really enjoying it and learning lots of French too (this mornings conversations included dental implants - not the sort of thing you get in the text books)!


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I did take her to the vets yesterday morning and she checked her over, I have just come back from playgroup and shes got her eyes shut and gasping on her side so I put her to sleep she was clearly getting worse and suffering :×( so sad she was my favourite


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Sorry to hear that @Yellowchickenparrot I used to have hens and it is strange how attached one becomes, bless her in rainbow land.

No rain here Diana, but when it comes I am sure it will make up for missed time.

The 'cleaned' the dyke out yesterday, well removed the water plants and dumped them on the side. No idea what the ducks and swans will hide in now, have not seen them today.

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon, its been rain and windy quite a dull day, birds are all calling, singing and shouting, sorry to hear about your chicken fly free little one. I hope you all have a good afternoon and evening


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Evening everyone. I have no idea where today went. I was working on a new Xmas pattern and I just blinked and it was now!

Sorry to hear about your chook @Yellowchickenparrot. It's always hard losing a friend.

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody again today and sniffed and sobbed again. As though I don't get enough tearduct clean outs with binging on Call the Midwife! Netflix has just added Monty Python's Flying Circus though, so I may be binging on some laughter for a change. 😁

Have lovely evening y'all.


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Hi all
Another silly busy day at work. Late start due to late arrival of one of the staff= to some grumpy patients. Lots of rain this afternoon.
Now chilling and tomorrow work again. 6 days too much 😥.
Enjoy yr weekends. X
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