Friday 10th July 2020


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Morning all
Well it's fish and chips day today already done my paper round for the neighbours and my mum and am sat having a lovely cuppa my lot had a really late night last night.
Was chatting on the phone with Shirley one of our members who's not been on in a while but to those who remember her she sends her love and best regards. She too is still shielding due to ill health. Her husband RadarTom is taking good care of her and their birdie Scooby is settling in to their new home very slowly.
Been a manky week over this side of the country for bad weather hopefully get some dry and none wild windy days as would really like to cut the grass before I get giraffes moving in and can hide in it!
MrP's hatchday today so he has some special pressies lined up ..... errrr actually got a heap for all of them but he got an extra couple :) Weird how fussy birdies can be with their toys and how some like somethings and others wouldn't even look at it ... just goes to show how individual they are I suppose.
Must get down the post office as have another batch of moulted feathers ready to be sent to the vets to be used for imping of birds who have had their wings clipped.
Whatever your up to today have a wonderful day peeps and stay safe (and dry!)


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Good morning, it's actually sunny here. Hubby has rigged up safe cable so washing machine can be used so first lot almost ready to go out to dry. Still unsure where the actual fault is electrics are but there are a few sockets working which must be on a different circuit. Luckily the lights work.
I expect I shall be the Gopher again today while he is checking things.
Happy Hatchday to MrP.

bikergirl Carol

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Morning all.sunny cloudy here. . oops change that raining. ive been doing a lot of crocheting while in lockdown. Christening gowns, teddys, hearts and now Im trying to make clothes for Chemo Ducks. They are amazing ducks given to children in hospital getting cancer treatment. If you havnt heard of them do a google search. Ive done a pilot, a too too, and a onsee. So much to choose from. Batman, wally, postman, horrid henry. and lots more.
My Charlie is very good at helping. Tying pretty knots just at the right place :rolleyes: and biting my hook. We are going to have a chat about that later :but:
safe day everyone x

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon all, it started off raining but turned out quite pleasant had a very busy week so far so the weekend is catch-up time yet again. Oliver got me yesterday with claws and a bite on my cheek. I think it is a DYA way one minute very friendly and the next he wants me for dinner. I hope your electric gets sorted soon Diana, I am so pleased you have herd from Shirley Tasha, thank you for the update. camping the sky looks great in the photo looking out the window in your caravan. keeping the Chemo ducks clothed is so important carol. I hope you all have a good day and stay safe

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Everyone is really busy it seems. The weekend weather loks good so hopefully the camping trip will be lovely @Yellowchickenparrot, and the grass will be cut and washing dry.
I went to the town this morning, it's market day, usually very busy but i think there eere about 75% of stalls which were quite spread out and not many shoppers. Most people are wearing masks regardless of being in the open air or in shops, bank etc.
We are fascinated by the cocoons created by the Mason wasps .....each one is about half an inch long and laboriously created with much high pitched buzzing fromum as she builds it with mud and fills it with bugs and spiders before the egg is laid. Every little space is a target... such as the window frames, spaces between books etc etc.
Hanged a good evening everyoneIMAG2118-20200710-181510596-20200710-181546923.jpg
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