Friday 01 November


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Morning everyone. So it's November already. What on earth happened to this year?

Raining here today and a bit windy. I'm surprised it is rain as yesterday was definitely cold enough for snow.

Off to the dentist this morning. Just a check up, but I have this really wobbly wisdom tooth that is irritating me and I want to ask him to take it out. Will probably need another appointment though.

Vet visit went fine yesterday. He gave Zigs a little more of the meds just to be sure her chest is all cleared up. And the guy before us had a huge python! They brought it out to weigh on the doggie scale so we got to see it in all its glory.

Here's a photo of Frodo cuddled up on my chest under my cardi. We do this every morning. Ziggy is under there out of sight chewing holes in my pajamas 😂

Have a lovely day y'all!



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Morning all.

Birdie food has already been prepared and it is time to get them up, although I can already hear "chip, chip" from the budgie cage. They are always the first to stir!

I believe we are heading to Wing Yip this weekend as we need to stock up on asian goodies for the wok. Lots of great food and ingredients at Wing Yip, but as usual, I will pass on the chicken's feet and sheep's intestines in the freezer section.

It is calm outside. House is at a comfortable temperature and I have no intention of leaving it. I don't usually cook on a Friday, so I will probably order in this evening's meal "May your God(s) bless you, delivery person. You are looking very handsome/beautiful today! Without the food in your hands, not so much" :D

Have a good one, folks.


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Morning everyone, it still is morning, good. Not looked out yet, will not open the blinds yet as have work to do outside and if it looks cold and wet I will not be too willing, best I am surprised. Must be cold outside, my feet are freezing and the heating is on, never, ever buy a house with concrete floor.

Not sure what today will bring, was late up again and birdies do not seem to care. Every meal time Tommy sits near her bowl waiting for me to fill it, then has a look for a second or two then moves away? happens every time, unless it is her seed, then she tucks in.


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Well, it's certainly not wet or cold down here! I looked at the temperature a few minutes ago and it's 25° already, just after 8 AM, so I think we are in for another scorcher, particularly considering the rain appears to have vanished for now.

We've been quite busy already today. We had to dredge ourselves up at the crack of dawn as wife needed to go and do a blood test at the clinic the moment it opened at about 6:30 (parking there is horrendous later in the day, and she thinks she can't eat before doing any kind of blood test even if they haven't specifically told her this - I would be inclined to just ignore such guidelines unless the test was specifically affected by eating, like a blood sugar test, but not her!). Our larger little girl was happy because this is a fancy clinic that had a child distraction section featuring a shelf of remarkably ugly dolls (I had to take them all down for her so she could examine them one by one), some tablets which I managed to connect to the internet so she could watch "Masha and the Bear", and colouring sheets and pencils; she probably thought we had gone there to play and didn't even notice Mummy disappearing for the blood test. She was even happier when she was called into the mini-café they have there providing free snacks and coffee for all the people who had been doing the stupid fast before the blood test, and was given some nice fresh cheese breads (one of her favourites) by the friendly café lady. She also gave her a fun box full of treats to take away, which I'm pretty sure was only meant for children who actually had tests done themselves (this is what we get for being a little blonde cute thing with a cheeky smile, I suppose).

On the way back we stopped at the bread shop, where they have a shelf with colourful kids' things next to the checkout (Grrr), which set said girl into a screaming fit last time we were there a couple of weeks ago because she saw a purple amoeba toy that she really, badly wanted, which we had decided not to get at the time because of the massive queue (we were already leaving when she decided she HAD to have it, and turned round to see about 30 people pouting behind us). She hasn't shut up about it since, and so was delighted to finally get it today, though she was rather disgruntled that it had to be handed to the checkout lady for scanning (don't think she quite understands how things are purchased yet!). We really need to get some new doggy ration, but the shop was not yet open when we passed it on the way back; then we saw a sign on the corner of our street advertising 25 kg sacks for a suspiciously low price at a random nearby residence, an offer which we are trying to decide whether or not is too good to be true.

I didn't even get the chance to have coffee before leaving, so we've just opened a packet of our new gourmet coffee stock, which isn't the nephew's any more as he went back before it finally arrived, and I doubt it will keep till he next shows up. Apparently this is a rare old local variety that comes from yellow fruits (usually coffee cherries are red). It's pretty nice actually, smooth and not too bitter. We're glad he didn't want to experiment with various types of poo-coffee they were also selling; I think we would have had to give those away to someone as the idea doesn't really appeal to us!
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Afternoon all
Well looks like I may have the sack after today, step-dad had early morning appointment at with the consultant who did his hip replacement and is so pleased with his progress has signed him off and doesn't want to see him again until net year to see how its doing :)
So as soon as his car comes back from a service he will be mobile again.
Only been four weeks today that he had the operation usually apparently its 6 weeks before the doctors sign people of as fit to drive again so he's well chuffed. His wound area has healed so fast the dissolvable stiches had to be trimmed as the skin is healing over them before they are dissolving so they snipped them open and trimmed them and stuck a plaster of where they did it. Other than that he's raring to go.... well as raring as 79 will let you be that is lol but to tell the truth he's exceptionally fit for his years he's been an avid cross country walker for all his life and until the hip started bothering him regularly did a 6 mile stroll or indeed a 10 mile one on a sunday morning then stop for lunch! I have hassle convincing myself to do 10,000 steps a day!
Well two months and that's the end of 2019 thank goodness its been a naff year all way around with one thing and another got my fingers crossed 2020 will be somewhat of an improvement ….. really not sure it can get any more naff than it has been this year.
Since haven't had much time to do anything at home myself for the last four weeks going to get some jobs lined up and done... really need to get the silicone sealant out and replace the stuff that looks a tad shabby in the bathroom … that should be fun as never done it before, grouting I did no issue but that gummy stuff hmmmm I can see myself being glued to the wall!
Did a water change on the fish and the shrimp tanks earlier.... seem to missing a fish... I recently restocked the tank that has 3 chain loaches and had one tetra left and added more neon tetra (to keep the last one left company) and I got 5 orange glow tetra. Last night I know there were 5 glow tetra there this morning I thought hmmm can't see number 5 must be in the plants somewhere (tanks are all densely live planted). Just done a 30% water change and had a good look around and number 5 is definitely not there any more :( usually you can spot a fish that isn't as it should be if feeling unwell or the others bullying it but this one was literally vanished over night. Thinking it must has died and ....gulp..... either cannibalism or the snails have done a clean up job :( poor fishy 5. Everybody else looks totally fine. Bit of a population explosion going on in the shrimp tank counted 19 females carrying eggs there are about 160 shrimp already! May have to thin the numbers our and either get another tank or select a load to go back to the fish place for them to sell on. :/ not keen on doing that....
Right prattling on like I am isn't getting any jobs done and there are lots to do so onwards and upwards
Keep warm and dry peeps

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good afternoon every one, its been a damp and drizzly day, birds are all active and fine but I have two of my tiels arguing over a female. they are chasing each other around the rooms. went to Bexhill today and then did a little bit of shopping in town. I hope you all have a good afternoon and evening


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Good afternoon, what a wet horrid day it is here. I seem to have been here there & everywhere this morning then this afternoon daughter & grandson called in which was lovely.
Hope everyone has had a nice day.


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Hello! 👋

Not been around for a while but loving the new look forum!

Just finished my half term and again, it’s been crazy! New carpet, sofa, visit to dentist and car MOT! All turned out good though and we enjoyed a spooky Halloween 5k in Blackpool last night!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Autumn days! It’s my favourite time of year!


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We've been seeing a lot of the local wild parrots lately, by the way, especially the (rare) yellow-faced parrots and (rather more common) white-eyed conures. The latter, despite being very modestly sized, are the noisiest of all, even louder than the macaws we occasionally see, which largely puts us off the idea of getting any as pets in future!. There was a trio of yellow-faced parrots hanging out in the tree overhead when wife was packing baby into the car this morning. It looked like two parents and a baby, who was still being fed despite looking identical to the adults. She tried to snap a quick picture with her phone as they are rather shy birds and we don't normally see them that close (also they are particularly attractive parrots up close), but due to the phone's limitations, the position of the sun, and the fact that she was handling the baby at the time, she thinks it didn't come out too well. I'll put the photo up if she turns out to have been wrong about this!
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