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well i have been doing my calculations

and come to the conclusion that if you

[SIZE=medium]Want the best for your birds to fulfil their potential[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]I suggest you have a look at Scarlett’s parrot essentials [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]With such an array of various stock[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]You’ll get what you need to get the best from your flock[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]with different supplements and foods at great prices [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]cages, perches and lighting, well all great devices[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]you will see your birdies filled with absolute joy[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]when they're chewing, hanging or swinging from a Scarlett’s toy[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]the delivery is prompt and always on time[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]the service is outstanding absolutely sublime[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]with a flock of knowledgeable staff who know what their doing[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]its all on their website for you to be viewing[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]so for all your parrot needs I suggest that you target[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]a wonderful place with all you could want such as Scarlett's [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]I've got the money :biggrin:[/SIZE]


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Can you see why mum had to get me a Polly's beak buffer from Scarlett's?

It's the best place to shop for me by far....yummy food, great toys, lots of help and advice from Scarlett and Tristan, and what ever mum orders it's here the next day.

Mum..... Can I have .........



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Have a break....have a Scarlett!!

Anazing place to shop .. Fast delivery fast and reliability before profit!

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just been moving some posts around and found this thread, these pics have put a massive smile on my face they are so funny! who won this @Scarlett? tell who ever it was to get some piccies of their birdie enjoying the root on here! if it was someone from facebook would still be nice to see a piccie   :)  
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thanks Scarlett would be great to see the picture and caption that one it aswell :)  
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