does anyone know how safe these are around birds? I miss spraying Zoflora on my sofa/carpet etc to get rid of smells.

Zoflora -

Astonish -

Also are 100% soy candles with a cotton wick ok?

One more...I haven’t used yet but is Mrs meyersany good? Heard it’s parrot friendly but never tried.


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No none of those definitely not safe.

You could dilute F10 or buy the ready to use version and use a little of that if necessary.

I have a feeling there is a list on here of what others are safe to use, but at the moment cannot think where. I am sure someone will be along with advice.

Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome, Please look in the threads in the Home and Environment section, Both cleaners you mentioned are very dangerous to use around our feathered friends, what birds do you have?


I have an illiger macaw. I threw everything away the day we got him so haven’t used anything near him but saw the astonish advertised with pictures of birds on the packaging and thought I’d ask.

I use the eco toilet cleaner but are all eco products ok to use?

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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I do use eco products, but for cleaning I use an olive oil soap liquid and more than anything I use very hot water and elbow grease, plus some other stuff sick as soda crystals, bicarb, lemon juice and vinegar

Michael Reynolds

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By putting Birds on a packet it makes our minds think off fresh air and being out in a meadow of flowers. it is there as a way of attracting the sale of the product, Just think with many cleaning product they love to use flowers birds and butterflies as they are all colorful bright and outside but you will never spray then on your plants, birds of butterflies would you. there are plenty of ways that safe products can be used around birds Wendy's named just a few. I like to hear more and see photos of your Macaw,


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For cleaning house stuff we use F10scxd (has detergent and a slight pine smell)

also F10 do a bird safe air freshener, it’s not aerosol but does have a nice pine small, doesn’t last long but it does seem to work well, we water it down to make it last longer

we have two dogs and no one can smell a “dog” smell, then just by-carb on carpets and such, brush in, leave for few hours and hoover.

seems to work around here.

people say it’s expensive but we’re doing 1-100 ratio which is quite strong (wife’s germ crazy at the moment) so a £12 concentrate makes around 10 litres.

normal ratio would be 1-250 deep clean or 1-500 normal, so you get more
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