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Martin Dean

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hello all! Im going to be feeding my 2 birds vegetables in 2 bowls and see in one bowl. The question I have is when I take the veg bowls out to clean them (say after 2-3 hours) what do I do with the bowls? Keep them out (then I will have 2 bowl holders in the cage with no bowls in them or put them back in with seed? What do u lot do?

Michael Reynolds

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O I try to feed my birds fresh feed early as possible when they are the hungriest. if they finish there fresh feed then I have enough bowls to replace them and with dry feed. the food that may be left I take out side to the wild birds as there is not much but sometimes if it is a favorite of another of my flock I will pass it to them. only having enough bowls for the cage I would wash and dry the bowl before putting dry food or more fresh food in depending on the diet of the bird. I never mix dry feed with wet feed or place food in a bowl that is not cleaned. I do advice getting another set of bowls for your cage. how long will I leave fresh food with my birds depends on the a lot of things, the temperature, humidity, age of the fresh food and the type of fresh food I give has it been stored in a fridge, frozen foods I do not often use but I have them in the freezer as an emergency, they do not last long when in a bowl before some will get squishy cooked fresh food will depend on the mixture of the foods you have added, use your eyes to see that the food is still in a good condition before removing it


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I see wha tyou mean Martin - in other words should you place the clean empty fruit/veg bowls back into their spaces. If you do that the birds may make them dirty so it may be best not to put them back in until you refill them. Although you could perhaps put a small amount of seeds in there so they have the choice of which to eat from.


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If you are feeding raw only then you can leave veggies and fruit in the cage all day... they will just slowly dry out. It is cooked food that is dangerous to leave after a couple of hours as it goes off. I feed a bowl of fresh sprouts, fruit and veggies in the morning. Then in the evening I swap them with a fresh bowl of more raw and some cooked. It's only at night that I remove all the bowls except for water.
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