Fly free my beloved Ollie


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I am so sorry @Roz for your loss of little Ollie. He had the best home and best mummy ever. He knew he was loved by you and Kobe. Sending hugs.
Fly free sweetheart xxx


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Yes they are amazing, often over looked for one of the hot 3, but for companionship you can't beat them. Also when it flight their under wing colours are just breathtaking.
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I only just found this. We are very sorry to hear that Roz. Huge feathered friend left us. Thinking of u And be missing his stories. Hugs from us. Xxx

Lauren Smith

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My beloved Ollie left this earth on Saturday night at 11.05pm. He died lying on my chest. I was always hoping for a miracle, but it was not to be. He came into my life terrified of humans, silent and still. He went out confident, curious and enjoying life to the full. He was the most beautiful bird inside and out, kind and gentle.

He eventually won Kobe over, after 9 years of trying and constantly getting rejected. And Kobe learned what it was like to have a dependable bird friend. They were extremely fond of each other in this last year and Kobe was there for him until the end, preening off the formula that I inadvertently spilled on his chest, offering support and generally making him look presentable. I think and hope he went out knowing he was adored by both Kobe and me, and by friends worldwide.

This was one of the last photos I took of him and Kobe together. He kept pressing against Kobe hoping to get preened:

Happier times...

Spotting the deck monster...

that's awful
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