Fly free, Jessie


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I lost my little feather baby, Jardine Jessie yesterday.

She was fine on Saturday morning, had a shower, "helped" me to clean her cage. Chatty, singing, and playing on her rope net. At 1pm, I put her in her cage for her afternoon nap. 4pm and she was a little quiet, but ate well and played with me into the evening.

I removed her cage cover on Sunday morning and she looked terrible, barely able to stand on her perch. Managed to get an emergency appointment at the vets for 11am. They assessed her and said she needed to be admitted. Her breathing and heart rates were elevated, so she was placed in an oxygen tent. Her heart stopped while they tried to get some fluids into her and rescusitation attempts failed.

She's been a constant companion for more than 4 years. All through the "stay at home" periods of the pandemic and beyond, we've barely been apart. We had our fallouts - she could a moody little monster at times - but our bond carried us through.

Whatever took you from us, you are free now. We are missing you terribly and we will always be thinking of you. Rest in peace, baby girl.

Oh no what a shock I am so very sad and sorry to hear this.
Rest peacefully dear Jessie xx
Oh am so sorry for your loss.
Fly free and high over rainbow bridge Jessie take good care of those pieces of your mummy and daddy's hearts that you take with you :rainbow:
That's awfully sad ! So sorry. Such a shock . I had a similar thing happen with my dear little Meyers years ago. He died in the vets hands. I feel for you.
Oh my gosh, I’m so very sorry. 💔 Fly high and free sweet Jessie 🌈 xx
So very sorry for the loss of your Jessie hun. May she forever fly free :rainbow:. Please no doubts or niggles, shoulda, woulda, coulda. Hugs for your pain hun, it eases slowly :broken-heart:
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