Flurry gone but never forgotten


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Dear all, hope you and your feathered families are well, safe and enjoying the sunshine.

Can't begin to tell you how much I miss my little fella, Flurry, huge void in our lives, he was such a character and everyone who met him loved him. I'm site some of you may have had to go through the same thing. Animals are our family.

Just like to thank you all again for your advice and comforting words.
Thank you.
Love and best wishes to all. Stay safe and keep doing the amazing jobs you do with out beautiful feathered family.

Michael Reynolds

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many may not realize just how much impact a parrot can have on our home and in our hearts. I can understand the big hole they leave behind. I did have tears in my eyes on Flurry's passing but I am such a softie when it come to our feathered friends. We try to help both the bird and its owners trying to re assure and support. please just drop a post letting us know that you are ok, stay safe please xx
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