First day out!


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Hey all! Thought I’d give you all an update on Kiko! He’s FINALLY comfortable flying around our main living room 🥳🥳 it’s literally been all this time! My little man had some serious confidence issues! I heard that shredding toys and stuff can make birds more confident so I gave him lots of destruction options in his cage, that and a little time and positive reinforcement means I don’t have to hang out with him exclusively in the tiny hallway anymore 😁😁 he still goes there and checks out the neighbourhood birds and plays on his playground but he’s started exploring more of the main room and is doing amazing Laps around the room now with minimal crashing (thank goodness! I was all nerves during those the first flights 😱)
Another progress step is that Kiko has become the biggest cuddle fluff ball😍😍 he loves his head scratches especially when his moult was bad, Having him out pretty much all the time when I’m around has really helped to build trust between us, he’s discovered my head is a great vantage point and that the best snuggle spot Is against my neck tucked into my collar 🥰 honestly we couldn’t imagine life without this little dude 🥰View attachment 30016
Well done both of you!
I couldn't imagine my life without my parrotlet either, such great little birds.
You've done brilliant 😁😁
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