Fifi not using leg.


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Hello all, im sorry ive not updated you all. I have been working crackers shifts.

So Fifi saw Mark on Wednesday, he didn’t do any tests as he thought that the risk outweighed any positive.
Mark said that she is high risk for anaesthetic and his worry was finding something which he didn’t think he could fix in a bird as tiny as our girl.
It’s a shame we don’t have an exact answer but i really appreciate his honesty.

On the plus side, mark is impressed with her progress. He thinks that her progress in such a short space of time could be due to a vitamin deficiency or potential infection somewhere, she is continuing her antibiotics for 10 more days and then she is going back in 3 weeks for another little check up.

She is doing so well, she is back to her attitude self and is playing with toys, eating well and flying around everywhere. She is improving day by day and using her leg again, im so proud and happy with how she is. Hopefully when she gets a little stronger we can get more answers but for now, she’s here and we don’t know what’s up ha! 🙂 x


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lack of coffee obviously went to my head today tagging the wrong people!
Please write it off to old age lack of caffeine lack of sleep and being a harassed parrot owner!! :rolleyes:


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Hi! She is doing so well bless her.
Her back end swelling seems to have gone down a little bit, mark thought something inside must have been swollen for her to have so much of her lower tummy swollen but that seems to have gone down.

She is so much more herself, she is playing with her toys all the time. Biting me like she always did before and she isn’t lethargic anymore, her appetite is back and better than ever. I’m so happy with her progress 😅😅


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Mini parrot update!
Fifi is back to herself, strangely like nothing has ever happened!

She had a lot of swelling around her vent area which is why we all thought egg initially, however no egg and the swelling did not go down.. again why the vet thought internal issues and organ enlargement…

You could only see skin and all her feathers were parted, well she now has zero swelling and all her feathers are covering her vent and stomach area as they are supposed to do.
Something which has confused me but im so happy non the less!
She is eating perfectly, refusing her pellets. Mark recommended she is put back on harrisons pellets to make sure she has the healthiest diet possible, but as usual little madam is refusing to eat them! She is enjoying her veggies again though.

She is currently in a massive moult and looks a right scruffy little mare, her attitude has also come back and i am ducking when she flys to attack my hair!😂 who would have ever thought such a small parrot would pack such a bite haha!
She is flying perfect, from room to room and flying round her cage attacking all her toys.

Mark does want to see her again, but her medication had ended, still giving her Avimix as advised by Mark but other than that, our girl is back 😍

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