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petitions run for 6 months and this one as "we" didn't find it online until "we" needed it was already in operation.

"we" being the royal we as in others that didn't realise they could do this.

I got a telephone call the other day from the people putting the poles in but they had my number attached to a different address and we're trying to sell me broadband via the pole. It doesn't fill me with hope about the pole being resurveyed to miss my planning approved area for the dropped kerb,
Here comes another nightmare,
In Hull they already had telephone poles by KC which travelled their cables underground, then they got the MS3 poles this last week travelling cables above ground and another company has started to put up their poles cables above ground so some streets have now got three sets of poles!! The world has gone mad.

Petition to try and stop it happening all over the country ends today at the moment is sat on 7735 signatures so its going to be a failure and there's going to be nobody to stop them doing as they please
There's been lots of stuff regarding these telegraph poles happening from the contractors having been stopped for unsafe practices etc. Today's news did raise a smile for all the wrong reasons
MS3 were warned you plant that there and it's coming down. Seems a few people actually carried out the threat :lol: naughty tut tut sorry laughing again! This isn't in my village but in Hull the city alongside us.

That's what was on the cards for me although an obvious concrete car area dropped kerb not full length so the bit of pavement was earmarked for a pole. Telephoned numerous times wrote emails wrote a letter couldn't get anybody to respond in the two and a half months of trying. Luckily council highways got involved on my behalf and they stopped it on the grounds of blocking view of road for me and my neighbour whilst exiting the existing drive.
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