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Escaped Lynx

Discussion in 'Non Parrot Media' started by dianaT, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    Very sad. What a waste of a precious life. :(
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  2. bigbluemacaw

    bigbluemacaw Regular Member

    It is sad, deeply sad but expect little more of our species (humans, present Company excepted ). Humanity as a whole, is solely interested in it's own selfish agenda and the animals, the birds and even our Bees just a footnote in our wanton destruction of all that is beautiful and to be treasured, an awful race really and truth be told; embarrassed to be part of it and the destruction of the natural world. x
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  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    It saddens me that this lovely feline had been shoot. I am sure there could of been a way to drug it. I do not know much about the zoo and the condition of the pens and enclosures or how long it was in the hands of the new owners but it looks like the old owners let it become in a state of dis-repair. Running such a place for any new owner cannot be easy as they have to weigh up the well being of the animals (in this case it was not good) and getting monies in too improve income so the Zoo can survive and improve all facilities for humans and animals. the owners may not be experienced in running zoo's but they must of had experienced staff at hand to assist them. the old owners did not do a good job either I just wondered how experienced were they.
  4. CaptainHowdy

    CaptainHowdy Regular Member

    The new owners have no experience.

    It's also looking like one of the other lynx has been killed after they tried to move it to another enclosure using a dog pole and it got strangled...