Dolly would have been 26 today


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Its nearly a year since we lost our beautiful little girl Dolly. Today 5th June, would have been her 26th hatchday and we would always make an extra fuss over her. Her hatchdays always started with her favourite breakfast treat of a little hard-boiled egg which she would always eat off her spoon, very lady like! Following breakfast would be ‘present time’, usually a chewie toy wrapped up for her to open. Often, she would show more interest in tearing up the wrapping paper than the toy inside. In the afternoon she would have a longer out of cage time and a nice shower, its very sunny today and she always loved a shower in the sunshine.

Happy memories of our beautiful little girl.
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Aww bless her. That is lovely you have so many memories and photos of dear Dolly.
Bless she looks adorable.
Remembered with lots of love on her special day a little one who will always live in your heart. :heart1:
Today 5th June you would have been your 28th Hatchday, still young in Amazon years.

You are in our thoughts every day but today on your special day, even more. You would have been totally spoilt with lots of presents and special (naughty) food treats.

Have a happy Hatchday in Rainbow land with all the other birdies. Love you forever little girl.

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Such a beautiful feathered friend. :heart1: You must have been a very very special little one to have broken your mummy's heart forever when you went on your adventures to Rainbow Bridge. Happy hatchday sweetie x
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