Dinkum Is Ill

Michael Reynolds

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We all go through the what if stage hindsight can be a wonderful thing and to be able to turn the clock back and take a different approach would be priceless. well the truth is you done what you thought was best so hold your head up with pride as you was trying to help just think if you ignored your bird not being well and did nothing. well we do not know it may still be alive but you would not be happy worrying and feeling guilty and I doubt you will be able to live with yourself. Unfortunately life is not like an episode of the Twilight Zone we cannot see the past or the future but we go by our love and wanting to care and do the best but even what we think is the best may not work unfortunately. @Roz you are a great Parrant and let your flock be happy and healthy but most of all you show the love and trust and give them a wonderful home


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I decided to have him cremated. Found out that the JSPCA are the only place that do that here. I lay him on a bed of yellow rose petals and put one of Ollie's tail feathers under his wing since they were friends. Also put a whole rose in his box. He was cremated with them all. I collected his ashes today and have put his little casket next to Boo's.


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Aw bless sorry to read such sad news just catching up on my reading and saw this :(
Fly free little sweetie x

As for the baytril giving .... hmmmm had you not given it and the outcome would have been the same then you would be beating yourself up for not giving it in time. You'd be beating yourself up either which action you did. He had a lovely life at yours and was much loved and treasured wanted for nothing what more could a little one desire?
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