dancing parrotlet


hi my 6 month old parrotlet called Barbara does a dance on my hand every day maybe twice. She changes her body shape to that of a pear, stamps her feet whilst dancing in circles and tweets. She seems so happy when doing it for me (and only me), just wondering if this is common behaviour? Thanks in advance

Michael Reynolds

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One thing I have found with most species of parrots is that the females often take the ways of a male and males the opposite in courtship behaviour. do you know you have a female? the dance is a courtship dance that a male will perform to attract a female.


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Hun my Lou will do something similar on my hand and as it is connected to mating I don't let her do it for long. Looks like she is trying to start a motor bike! I want to be her companion not a mate. Allowing birds to get fruity with you IMHO is not a good idea. It becomes habitual and they then get grumpy because you are not a mate and cannot follow through. Plucking is often connected to this. You may find she bites as a consequence. So deflect and distract please?
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